Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

News from the far side of the river you can't cross

Store clerk beats a robber with a baseball bat. And the guy wasn't even trying to rob him - just a customer in the store. Now THAT'S dedicated customer service.

A sea lion paints pictures for fish. Animals will do just about anything you want them to if you feed them. Particularly sea mammals, because what else can they do in the water? Play Marco Polo?

Remember that New York priest who parked in the ambulance zone? The state is upholding his parking ticket. And good for them. People have donated almost $1500 in protest of the ticket, so it's paid for. I'd still almost like to have seen an ambulance unable to load a dying patient because he was parked there, though... let's see him argue his way out of that one.

71-year-old twins meet for the first time. Now for the nature vs. nurture experiments.

Even U.S. thieves are stupid enough to get electrocuted stealing copper. We should encourage more of that, I think.

Florida vice cops spend two years and $6,400 investigating a bikini bar for nudity. They end up identifying about a third of the dancers who work there, after purchasing numerous lap dances and drinks. Does anyone wonder why they took so long?

Teens impersonating cops for a YouTube video gave the cops plenty of evidence against themselves. Unfortunately, the cops have only caught about a third of the suspects. Time to buy more lap dances...

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