Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I can see the planets from the Superdome

Today's Bridge: We got thrown off the gravy boat. Whoaaaaaaaaaa! The Queen of Hearts is a harsh mistress. Six tricks off in three hands... I can come back from ahead.

Today's Work: Pashooooo. They took all my chips and replaced them with vegetables. I told them you have to start from the potato, but they just took out my eyes.

I could take a shower, but I just closed a big business deal. The government has all my information.Keep it under your doormat!

I just watched a DVD of Strong Bad E-mails. I laughed until my pancreas turned into a gold balloon. You can buy me bread, but you can't make a sandwich out of good feelings.

I've had too much to breathe.
Tags: random thoughts

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