Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Manga: I replaced my copy of Angel Sanctuary 9, so it jumped to the top of my queue. I also got Ark Angels 2, Rozen Maiden 2, Rave Master 21, Tenjou Tenge 9, The Devil Does Exist 7, Read or Die 4, MÄR 9, Fullmetal Alchemist 9, School Rumble 3, D.N. Angel 11, GALS 7, and Fairies' Landing 14, as well as the first book of A Little Snow Fairy Sugar. I also bought the third season of Arrested Development and the twelfth DVD of Fullmetal Alchemist at Best Buy.

Today's God of War: I got up to Ares at what I assume is the end of the game. I've got the maximum health and magic, and all of my spells and weapons are at the highest level except the Souls of Hades, which would require 10000 more red orbs than I managed to collect in the whole game to max out. Not that it matters... when am I ever going to use them again? Ares kicked the crap out of me, but I doubt it could possibly be as hard as crossing the conveyors to Pandora's Box. That took so many tries that it asked me if I wanted to lower the difficulty TWICE. I didn't. I will beat this game on Hero difficulty if it takes me all month.

I watched Curt play some Dead Rising. I think he's been playing that more than I've been playing God of War... and he just got it a few days ago. It looks great - in fact, good enough that I was pricing out HD TVs and an XBox 360 at Best Buy. Yeah... thinking of blowing my computer money on an XBox. There are a few games that are making the system look good. And I'd like to have a bigger TV so I can rotate my futon and use it as a sofa or lie on it and watch anime without having to sit up.

Rozen Maiden looks pretty interesting from the first book, although it's not making as much sense as I was hoping for yet. Sugar's just cute. And for no reason I can understand, I tend to read through scenes of Hana Yori Dango featuring Shigeru very quickly. She's got so much energy, it seems like those scenes should happen in fast motion.

Man, that was a waste of a day, wasn't it? I never even went back to Borders to buy that Eerie Indiana boxed set. Something about a series featuring a kid who moves from New Jersey to Indiana sounds familiar for some reason.

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