Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

News for those who never want to see their mothers again

A quick explanation of my byline there... I've been basing recent ones on whatever manga I was reading that morning, and today was Kare Kano. Glad that's settled.

Today's MDN: Shibuya cops think they're cleaning up the neighborhood, but they're really just making the prostitots move around more. Come on! Anyone who reads GALS knows what Shibuya's really like! And I can say that all I want, because the one person who used to take that kind of joke seriously is gone.

Results of the Mobile Phone Throwing World Championship in Finland. One unannounced result - a total of $5,657 in roaming charges accumulated during the competition.

Mongolian woman learns the hard way that dogs can't drive. And if it weren't for my horse, I never would have spent that year at medical college.

The luckiest guy in the world got to blow up the Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge. He didn't need a memorial bridge anyway... nobody's ever going to forget a name like "Woodrow Wilbur".

I was thinking that this sounded familiar, and indeed, it's the same bank. The former home of the ATM slot machine is now running ATM roulette. Instead of offering rewards when you do things you already do, they offer POTENTIAL rewards for doing things you already do. It's more fun that way.

Pranksters tell Louisiana residents that they'll be repairing existing housing rather than replacing it, on the eve of the first anniversary of Katrina. Of course, they're lying, and only making the actual plans of the HUD department look really bad by comparison. But we all know that only the elected portions of the government care about public opinion or customer service. The appointed parts can do whatever they want, and the public has no way to touch them.

Tokyo subways will display a poster of a nude and pregnant Britney Spears. I think it's supposed to be a campaign to increase the birth rate. There was a battle about censoring the poster, but I guess they decided it was tasteful enough in the end due to the pose. Personally, I can't imagine a tasteful picture of Britney Spears period, let alone a nude picture, but then, we've seen enough Paris Hilton lately to put Britney in perspective.

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