Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Didn't play anything today but God of War. I went from fighting my way to Athens Town Square for the first time to crossing the Desert of Lost Souls and killing the stupid Sirens. I hate that place. And you have to beat it in one go... no saving until you're done finding and defeating the enemies in an area with very few landmarks, where you can barely see anything and the audio cues are hard to follow. I'm glad I have stereo speakers, even though they're not surround. I powered up my blades to level 3, which gave me some great new moves. They've come in quite handy against the large enemies I have to fight regularly now. Hades' Revenge is particularly handy, although I tend to lose a lot of health if I try to parry on purpose.

Went to the DMV this morning, because Curt needed to get his title and his Rose Hulman plate, and I figured I might as well renew my license while I was there. I read most of the first Fullmetal Alchemist novel while I waited.

Dinner was the Chinese buffet at Great Wall, which is always a treat because I can end it with a heaping serving of Oreo creme pie, and I watched Curt play a few games of the latest PS2 Madden game, which actually looks really good. As someone who's not a fan of sports games on consoles in general, I think it would be a fun one. I still haven't indulged my urge to replay Jojo's Bizarre Adventure yet.

We ran into some of Curt's college friends while we were at the mall, looking into PS2 networking equipment. Does anyone know if it's possible to network two PS2s with a crossover cable? I'm also thinking about looking into a wireless network adapter for my PS2, possibly a USB one so that I won't have to buy a network adapter kit as well. Then I won't have to try to drill through my floor and run a network cable across my room or the living room, or move my system downstairs, to hook it up. And even that expense will only be worth it if we can find enough games to be worth playing over the network. Right now, we've got both Battlefront games and at least one Ratchet & Clank game. Maybe one of the Budoukai games has net support... I forget. Probably just the passwords. I wouldn't be entirely averse to buying games that thrive only on multiplayer, if we had such a setup. Even if it means I have to move my PS2, and even my speakers, downstairs each time, it wouldn't be such a hassle.

I forgot to report on my opinion of Oh My Goddess last night, because it was getting so late. The first episode didn't cover nearly as much story as I'd expected (which makes SOME sense, since it's 26 episodes long, but you'd think they'd at least finish setting up the premise of the show!), and I found the constant cutaways to Yggdrasil distracting and annoying. What series begins with a five-minute-long description of fate rather than just getting to the story and, say, having the store sign fall on Seina Yamada? I'm going to keep watching, obviously, but so far, I'm not particularly impressed.

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