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Tomorrow appears to be a birthday for both kazenohi and pimpfork... that can't be possible. How could I know two people with the same birthday? Oh, right... I know at least 30 people.

Today's Bridge: Another day with no cards worth playing. Very, very ugh.

Today's Manga: I read Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 5 in one sitting... and it ended right before the part I needed to see! Grrr... oh well. Not like it would help me much to have read that storyline. And what's with the next book not coming out until December? I also read part of Angel Sanctuary 9, only to discover that I've got a major misprint. Two entire sheafs of pages are the wrong pages. I've had enough trouble following the story when all the pages were there; no way am I going to skip that much material. Unfortunately, this book is months old, so I expect I'll have to buy a new copy next time I see one at my own expense. Oh well. I knew this sort of thing would happen when I started collecting so far ahead. I got lucky with Slayers Special.

More Battlefront 2 tonight, so much so that I forgot to turn on Monk until five minutes into the episode. So I skipped it and completed a few more missions. Watching Psych, though.

Relating to Pluto: Boxjam always says it best.


"I'm afraid I can no longer be the Sailor Warrior of Pluto," said Setsuna, wiping a tear from her eye.
"What? Why not?" asked Usagi.
"Pluto is no longer considered a true planet," replied Setsuna. "It's merely a dwarf planet now."
"Then, what will become of your power?" asked Ami. "Who will hold sway over time and darkness?"
"Wow!" came a shout from the next room. Chibi-Usa ran through the doorway, her usual sailor fuku replaced by a black skirt and a Time Key three times her own height. "Wait until you see what I can do to the clock!"

I had a Big Fish sandwich from Burger King tonight... the fish patty disintegrated in my hand. :(
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