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Today's Bridge: I sat out, but I got a pretty good view of the action. Dan, bidding solely on club length, pushed the bidding up to 4C, and Kelly suddenly leapt into the auction with 4H, supporting Paul's 2H bid from two rounds earlier. It got doubled and set five tricks, and I reminded her about the 6NT principle, but it was the guys at the table (particularly good old jocular Paul) who really spent the lunch break making fun of her. There were some downright mean lines in there that I had to leap to her defense by saying I'd never go that far. Admittedly not much of a defense, but it was about all I had. She also opened 2H in fourth seat with a powerful hand - she claimed it was 14 points, but she showed 15 points in the first five tricks. (An ace, A-K-Q of hearts, and another queen.) She bid 3, made 5. Not nearly enough to cover the 1100-point deficit from earlier, but the game would have helped their score.

Today's Work: Things were going well until I made a minor change to a structure and ended up with a Heisenberg printf. That's a name I made up on the spot to reflect the fact that when I assign a variable a value and immediately print the value, it's fine, but if I don't print the value, it's filled with garbage when I go to use it later. I tried to follow it through the machine code, but it started jumping around randomly and skipping logic. No kidding. I may need to rethink my change to the structure, but I'm going to start by rebuilding the whole project from the source code, rather than just the affected modules, and seeing if maybe there was a conflict somewhere that will be resolved if I scrap everything. If not, it's time for more of the random memory hacking I had to do with other executables that crashed when we upgraded the operating system.

Today's Skies: I didn't play for very long and couldn't find any discoveries, so I didn't even bother to save. I beat a ship and caught a few fish. Whoopee. One S-rank fish, which I forgot about and might be a pain to have lost, but it wasn't really worth saving and driving up my game time just for that. It's tempting to go to the discovery shortcuts guide at Gamefaqs...

Today's Manga: I read through Jing 6 and Eyeshield 21 5... Eyeshield 21 is getting fun, now that the supporting characters are starting to develop more. Jing was Jing... like Kino's Journey, but with a thief for a main character. Actually, until just now, I never realized how similar the two series are. Weird. I'm just starting Angelic Days book 2 now. Nothing to say about that yet.

I finished watching the Weird Al Show commentaries, and noticed that I never caught that gag I remembered from watching it years ago, where they all gather around the TV and Al tells them that there's a great show on CBS that he wants to check out, but when he tunes in, it's just himself and his friends watching the TV, and he says it looks boring and changes the channel. I'm sure I just missed it. Now I'm watching the commentaries for The Simpsons season 8, having seen the actual episodes enough to go straight to the commentary tracks. That's a series I buy for the extras, because they're worth it. Could be the same with House season 2 this weekend, although I'm pretty sure I'll be getting that at Best Buy.

I'm doing the editing run of the MST now, but I'll probably go play some God of War until it's time to watch the last episode of Princess Tutu on this DVD. Not sure what to watch next... Princess Nine and Fullmetal Alchemist would both be good choices, but I think I should start a series I haven't watched yet, like Mezzo or Oh My Goddess, then maybe another DVD of Gatekeepers. Then Fullmetal Alchemist, because I'm so far behind.

And Hare Nochi Guu DVD 4 is out there... why haven't I received the shipping notification from Anime Nation, the distributor of the company who publishes it, yet? Shipping has been fast this week... I got my Dell battery on the same day I got the shipping notification E-mail, and I got the shipping notification for my replacement Getbackers DVD that same day as well.

I need to play Battlefront 2 just to make sure it works... I should do that instead of God of War. Man...

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