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Today's Bridge: This time, we doubled the errantly-bid contract that we set by 5 tricks, so we won the rubber. There were a few misbids on Kelly's part, but I think we were ultimately better off for it. I played a hand in 3H with only seven trump, but my preferred diamond contract (or the 4H I was shooting for) would have been off because we had three spade losers and the king of hearts finesse lost. 3 of anything was all we could make. And I couldn't set their opening 5D because my hand had exactly the same distribution as dummy. Lovely long trump and no way to ruff in.

Today's Work: A VERY interesting problem came up which, while easily solved (thanks to my history on the project and my understanding of the changes that have been made in the past three years), led me to uncover a flaw in a previous fix that just never came up because of the architecture of the system and the limits of our testing. A particular type of filter that nobody ever seems to use wasn't working properly, so I needed to rewrite several parts of the fix. It was mostly minor, and I haven't fully tested it yet, but I think it'll be all right.

Today's Skies: More discovery-hunting, as planned. I found one that I know I never turned up on the Gamecube version, although I'm pretty sure I found it back when I played on the Dreamcast, and a few that I had in the old file, leaving very few that I know OF and have found before, but can't find now. Two of them, I believe. I'm also getting a lot of use out of Aika's Omega Psyclone. I must have missed the description where it says it attacks all enemies in my previous playthroughs, or I was fixated on Vyse's Rain of Swords, because I always used Lambda Burst until I had the full 14 SP I needed.

Today's Writing: I got through the end of the chapter on part 2 of my MST. I've got a lot of editing to do, and the closing comments to write, before it's done.

One of my coworkers has a son who watches lots of anime on Cartoon Network and Adult Swim. We got into a discussion about that somehow, and I offered to let him borrow some of my DVDs so he can fully appreciate the wealth of anime that's out there but not on network TV. I described Princess Nine, but the three series I chose to best exemplify my collection without featuring any "adult" material are Kino's Journey (for deep meaning), Brigadoon (for action... the best I have, at any rate), and Azumanga Daioh (for humor that's accessible to non-fans of Japanese culture). Curt agreed that the first and last were good, but I'm thinking Brigadoon might not be the best starter series, even if it's my favorite... that first episode can be a real turn-off. Upon further consideration, Fullmetal Panic might be a better choice. *swappage* I've got series like Rune Soldier and Those Who Hunt Elves that might be even funnier, but I'm trying to stick with series I've already finished watching. There's Ranma for the old-school touch, but I'll have to ask about his stance on nudity before I bring that one in. Then again, I think there was some nudity in FMP... a bath scene, at least. But not on the first DVD.

I finished Getbackers 10 and the content of Kare Kano 15 this morning... even the good old Infinity Fortress arc is ending. ;_; Nothing is sacred anymore. So I'm going to watch more Princess Tutu while I finish my bottle of water and give this early bedtime thing another whack.

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