Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

If you hug this news, it will turn into a Zodiac animal

Today's MDN: A convicted murderer of seven appeals his death sentence. This guy lured an entire family into his lair and electrocuted them until they were his willing slaves, at which point he made them kill each other and dispose of the evidence. Reminds me of what little I know about the premise of Battle Royale.

Bees on a plane. On lots of planes. I'd be interested to see Samuel L. Jackson star in that one.

A dolphin wearing a Speedo was in a world of hurt. Man, this is some weird news today.

Oh, for the love of... A haphazard, random chocolate Virgin Mary. People pray around it and worship it and stuff... isn't there a commandment against making or worshipping graven images?

A kid in Kansas gets perfect scores on the ACT and the SAT in the same year. Well, DUH. You don't think maybe he's INTELLIGENT or something, do you?

Speaking of which, it was only today that I noticed the voice saying "You Are Smart" in the song of the same name... and I've been thinking. How about a Katamari Damacy action platformer? You run around jumping from place to place and collecting objects, fighting enemies, and so on, and then you find a katamari and roll it around to use as a step or roll up something you need to get past. Then you abandon it and fight some more. Enemies would probably turn into katamaris when defeated, or you could just roll the enemy around and pick up stuff. Sort of like collecting dead bodies in Pikmin. What do you think?
Tags: possible blasphemy, random thoughts

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