Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Bridge: We lost. Valuable lessons for Keith, though.

Today's Work: Still haven't worked out those hash table problems completely, but I figured out the root cause. I just have to catch it happening and fix it as I go. Today was a bit hectic because our fileserver went down and took my productivity with it, and Keith needed one of the systems for a unit test, while I need both for my testing. Yay resources.

Today's Skies: I think I need to build Fina up a bit more before tackling Piastol for the first time. Not a problem, generally. I just need her to be able to survive an attack or two.

Today's Superhero: What's with these people thinking they're safe when they're not being followed by the camera? Haven't they gotten used to hidden cameras after the Rotiart thing? And when they're out on a mission and the camera stays behind... that's REALLY suspicious. Also, DUH the beam was on top of the building. Like they'd let their people get hurt for real? Oh, for that matter, DUH you choose to eliminate yourself. Double DUH.

Time for shower and more FMA. No, really. Also, iD_eNTITY fun, even though I forgot what book I was on, and Saiyuki still "Why did I never read this before"-worthy. I'm power-reading that too. Just got through book 5.

Oh, and a surprise today... the UPS guy came and dropped the box in the bushes. Suitably wrapped in plastic, of course, but I was home at the time and got no knock or doorbell. I heard the truck driving off and went down to get the package, so I had to put on my soaked shoes again to step out and bring it in. It had the Kodocha and Kaleido Star DVDs as promised, but the Getbackers DVDs were 9 and 10, not 8 and 10 as marked on the form. It's possible that they already caught the mistake and are sending 8 in the other package, but if not, I'll leave the second copy of 9 wrapped and call them to make a trade. No rush... I'm going to watch DVD 2 after I finish this DVD of FMA. Then OMG or Grenadier... probably not both before it's back to Tutu.

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