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Of probable interest to Hillary and others... includes "Everlasting Love" lyrics

Today's Bridge: We lost. The best we could do was set them three in a club hand that I couldn't double for fear that they'd change suits. Steve made a 5D, and I had a play at 4S in the last hand for the win, but I botched it by hedging my bets and trying to cap my losses at off one. I managed it, but had I played for an even trump split, I'd have made it. I didn't have to give up the queen of spades, and because I did, Paul got to ruff with the jack before I could pull it. -_-

Today's Anime shipment: The rest of Boys Be arrived, along with the We Love Katamari soundtrack. As such, at the expense of doing anything else interesting tonight, I've made my admittedly rough translation of the lyrics to Everlasting Love. It sort of makes sense and sort of doesn't - and suffers from issues like "What's the adverb form of 'friendly'? Is there such a thing?" and "If 'tokeru' means 'to melt' and 'dasu' means 'to take out' or 'to go out', what does 'tokedasu' mean? To melt out of something? To have ones insides melt and flow out?" This is what I came up with, and I hope someone out there appreciates it, because it's still going to be a long time before I can learn the correct Japanese lyrics.

White clouds floating in a blue sky
Fully bloomed flowers of my memory
The days when we'd chat friendly-like about countless thoughts

The gentle bird, like the wind that softly brushes against my cheek
I ask them all "This road that goes on forever, is it everlasting love?"

Hold me until I'm about to break
Don't stop, these are the happy days

I love you, so much that my breath stops
So I miss you, hold me tightly, forever
It's my love, so much that time stops
So it's your love, let's stay just like this
Until eternity

The white bird that swims through the blue sky
The sound of the wind fading in the thicket
Like the distant mountains, an unshakeable thought

The strong trees, looking up at the lone tree on the hill
I ask them all "This road that goes on indefinitely, is it everlasting love?"

I nap until I'm about to melt
Make sure of it, gentle song

I can sing a song for you and me
I can sing a song for all who feel love

I love you, so much that my breath stops
So I miss you, hold me firmly, forever
It's my will, in the gentle time
So it's your will, but let me take care of your body
We'll float away

And there you have it. That was the good part of the day. For the not so good, see my bad_service post.

No Bridge lesson tonight... I'm barely going to be able to read the important webcomics and get in a shower, and probably skip Princess Nine. Of course, I finally got around to finishing my Coke from the movie theater on Sunday...
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