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I write this entry while watching my brother become increasingly infuriated with my copy of DBZ: Budoukai. It's an interesting thing to watch, although I can never decide whether to watch him or the game. They both have their merits. Still, in the past two days, he's managed to complete the entire story mode and all three tournaments, allowing him to start collecting Dragonballs. My big accomplishment for the day is noticing that Zarbon's throw is exactly the same as #19's. Oh, and I earned Cell's Breakthrough capsule, which gives me four of many. Time to start working toward the next one.

And then coderedstix tells me about the wonderful
Bot: Are you a man or a woman?
Me: No.
Bot: "Are you a man or a woman?" Not?
Me: Exactly.
Bot: We are on the same wavelength.
Me: That's good to know.
Bot: That's very good. You sound sarcastic.
Me: I am.
Bot: "You sound sarcastic." You are?
Me: No.
Bot: OK.
Me: You aren't very bright, are you?
Bot: I am highly intelligent.
Me: I would never have guessed.
Bot: What makes you would never have guessed?
Me: You prove my point.
Bot: Interesting gossip: Nidoking said I prove your point.

Conversation bots are a joke.

Breakfast at Bob Evans, dinner at Olive Garden, including treating my oldest brother's girlfriend to dinner... my finances aren't tapped out in any real sense, but I've spent a lot this weekend. Still, I have it to spend, and I consider it quite worth the expense. You probably don't understand... if you do, please explain it to me.

As for tonight's GTP spoiler, I think this will demonstrate just how different this story is from what you're probably used to reading.

It was a tiny sensation in the pit of her stomach at first, but the comforting warmth quickly spread to fill her entire body. As it flowed through her, every aching muscle it touched instantly relaxed, leaving only delicious relief in its wake. The warmth reminded her of the woman who had taken care of her since the day of her birth, but there was a familiar strength in it as well. It took her a few seconds to realize what the sensation was, because she hadn't expected such a powerful answer to her prayer. But that was what it was... the full, unadulterated power of a mother's love. Somehow, Queen Serenity had found a way to send her energy into the future, to the moment when her daughter would most need it.
Sailor Moon reached deep down inside herself and embraced the energy within, focusing it into the Moon Crescent Wand. It was going to be the most powerful attack she'd ever used, an all-or-nothing blast that would either destroy Cell or leave her powerless to defend herself. All the energy of the Moon Kingdom was in her hands now. She opened her eyes, raised the wand, and took aim. "COSMIC MOON -"
"That's it!" shouted Cell. His eyes narrowed to slits, and a pair of thin beams shot forth from them straight at Sailor Moon's heart. She barely had enough time to return the Moon Crescent Wand to the defensive position before the beams reached the shield. However, the invisible barrier merely bent the beams at an angle as they passed through, diverting one of them harmlessly past her left ear while the other shot right through her left shoulder, sending a spray of blood from the exit wound. Her arm fell limply to her side, and she dropped to her knees, pressing her right fist to the injured shoulder in an attempt to stem the blood flow. Her left hand rested on the hard ground, but she couldn't feel it. The entire arm was numb.

It's late enough that I don't want to talk about it anymore. Just think about it and realize that it was done once in all of Sailor Moon (that I've seen) and wasn't nearly as effective. I might expound more later. Or maybe not.

Me: What about the fish?
Bot: Maybe my botmaster knows the answer.
Me: Where is the botmaster.
Bot: The botmaster? Where is botmaster?
Me: Yes. Where is botmaster?
Bot: That was not a yes or no question.
Me: Idiot.
Bot: Call me the Global Village Idiot.
Me: Okay, Global Village Idiot.
Bot: Yeah okay, What kind of fishing do you do?

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