Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Manga: A bigger haul than expected, despite it being the first of the month. I picked up Tokyo Boys and Girls 5, Hunter x Hunter 9, Black Cat 3, Rurouni Kenshin 28 (the last of the series), XXX-Holic 7, Read or Die 3, Full Moon wo Sagashite 6, Dr. Slump 8, Saiyuki Reload 4, and because seven of those are Viz manga and they're buy 3, get 1 free, the first book of D. Gray-Man. I also got Megatokyo 4, two Gordon Korman books (I'm pretty sure one of them was out back when I was reading his other books, but I never read it back then), and Monk season 4. Haven't started watching that yet, because Legaia 2 and Kingdom Hearts 2 have been taking up my attention.

I didn't get over to the apartment today because Curt was waiting to hear from a dealership about a car that was just traded in, and he wanted me to go along if they called. Naturally, they didn't, and I didn't feel like going there later. I can take a few trash bags over tomorrow and clean out most of what's there easily. I did, however, clean up some of the boxes here and organize them in the closet, so the library now has plenty of floor space again. I moved the DVD cabinets toward the center of the room to give me more space to move near the bookcases, so that should make things a little more comfortable.

Most of my manga reading today was Yoshihiro Togashi. I was reading MÄR this morning, and then started Jing book 4 before the shopping trip. Hunter x Hunter 9 jumped to the top of the queue after I finished that.

So tomorrow is laundry, shopping, apartment moving, and hopefully collecting the last of the synthesis elements I need. (I'll have reached level 99 by then, mark my words.) And maybe more Glover. I hate that game so much.

By the way, if anyone's using Semagic, I don't advise upgrading. The new version was opening my friends list in its own window instead of Firefox earlier, and now that it's stopped that, several of my letter keys are locked to functions. Every time I try to type an N, it spits out a bunch of HTML, and every time I type W, it tries to wrap text with a tag. U gives me the custom LJ username tag. I hope it'll be working properly after a reboot, but that remains to be seen. (I'm typing this in Editpad... hopefully, Copy and Paste will work properly!)

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