Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

First off, tomorrow is skjam's birthday... happy birthday, Scott!

Boy, today went on forever, didn't it? By the early afternoon, it felt like evening already, which Curt said was probably because the sky got so dark. The "it" that rains when we say "it's raining" decided to change its strategy. Instead of dumping a bunch of rain on us all at once, it decided to let it all fall gradually... I think it's just running out of rain. But before it rained, we got our food shopping done, and we had the rest of our meals at home. Lunch was tuna on Italian bread (I expect that the lunch meat sandwiches will work a bit better with it), and dinner was a Marie Callender's pot pie.

As it was a day half again as long as normal, I did quite a few things. I watched the MST3K Space Mutiny, read Rave Master 20 as well as the rest of my Shoujo Beat issue and about half of Shounen Jump for June, mailed off the insurance payment and my forwarding address for apartment management, played through to the last level as Zero in Megaman X4 (stupid General...), and gave Ayne a few battles to show me what he could do in Legaia 2. What he could do, unfortunately, was be at a much lower level than everyone else and really slow to boot. I didn't find very many Arts for him, and the items I could get thanks to his incredible strength were mostly equipment for him. Looks like my party is Lang, Maya, and Sharon for good. I went and beat a monster that barely gave me a challenge... it couldn't even kill Lang when it attacked him every turn. I gave the money to the guy who weakened it for me, though. I have my hopes that karma will do me a good turn. Now I'm looking for a wolf in the forest maze. I have an idea of where it might be, although that's not more specific than "somewhere I haven't looked yet".

Then I watched the first (two-part) episode of Earth 2. I've had it for ages now, and I figured now's as good a time as any. There are a lot of characters, which I don't like when they all appear right up front, but it's that kind of story. I'm not really sure what the dirt-swimmers are doing yet, and I have no idea what Tim Curry is doing at all, although he seems to be a fan of a variant of "I'm squishing your head," more like "I'm pushing you off the cliff." I'm hoping he does the Gabriel Knight voice. "Well, shucks, Uly. I was just tryin' to kill your mom and all your friends."

We picked up a box of pizza crust mix (just add water... we're thinking of maybe adding some garlic flavoring to it as well), a pizza tray, and a muffin tray. I predict some baking in our future. And now I'm going to attempt to squeeze in an episode of Seven of Seven before bed.

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