Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Your mama's news.

A dog starts a house fire for some doughnuts. New note to dog owners: clean up the damn poop, and stop leaving things on the stove!

A Massachusetts senator wants to prevent his state's schools from serving Fluffernutter more than once per week. Another senator wants to make it the official state sandwich. Meanwhile, kids eat their sandwiches, and their parents wonder what all the new "Fluffernutter tax" is about.

A man who threw his wife's ring away finds it at the dump. This story confirms what we knew all along... New York IS dumping its garbage in New Jersey!

"I never knew the receptionist at my salon was my real mother!" It's actually a pretty weird story.

An elderly woman on trial for murder protests that her jury is too young. How can you have a jury of your peers when your peers are exempt from jury duty because of their age? It's probably an open-and-shut case anyway, since the cops found her waving the gun and saying "I did it and I'd do it again!" Maybe she'll claim she was playing Duck Hunt? But only a young jury would know what that is.

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