Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Bridge: Sure enough, I was in, and we didn't do too badly. The fact that we lost was unfortunate and preventable. We were in a 4D Dbl contract in the last hand, which would have given us the victory, but Steve neglected to run a second trump finesse to finish pulling the trump, which would have set up the thirteenth club, giving us the tricks we needed. I harped on him a bit, but I think we all need to see situations like that for what they are. I made the mistake myself of sluffing a 6 of spades and setting up Dan's 5, even though I knew I'd need the spade for later. We still set them, but it was a misplay all the same.

Today's Work: I spent most of the morning figuring out what problem I was working on Friday, then actually solving the problem, only to discover that it wasn't, in fact, the problem I needed to work on. Every message I send out appears to have the priority bit set, and it was only this afternoon that I began to reason that, perhaps, it's the message display that's wrong and the message itself is fine. I wanted to look into that, but there was a Severe Thunderstorm Watch, so I wanted to get home before the rain hit. If I hadn't stopped for gas, I might have made it. But after I got off base, I could see again, and the rain stopped completely halfway home. Severe weather really does seem to target the base and stay there.

I got an interesting call today from my apartment management, letting me know that they'll be showing my apartment on Wednesday to a guy who might want to move in August 1st, and they'll need me to clear out before then if he does. That would get me out of at least a month of rent. I think that's worth whatever it takes to greatly accelerate my moveout schedule.

I watched the MST3K version of Manos again, for no reason other than that I could. Meanwhile, I got my FFT party set up about the way I think I'll keep them, although there are a few secondary skillsets that I'll continue to play with depending on the situation. Ramza is, naturally, a Squire, and I've got him using Steal right now, which he'll probably keep just because he's plenty powerful without needing secondary skills when Steal is useless. He's got Blade Grasp (which I'll stop mentioning because everyone has that), Move+3, and I haven't decided on a support ability, but I expect it'll be Two Swords, because who needs a shield when you've got Blade Grasp? I guess it does come in handy against spirit attacks, though. He's also wearing Reflect Mail, which I've grown to like... I can put him next to an enemy and have a mage stand on the other side and cast a spell on both of them to hit the enemy twice. Next is Linus, the Mediator with Talk Skill and Move+3. I believe he's using Magic Attack Up right now, and I like that. Then there's McCloud, the Monk with Steal (which will probably change later, to something like Elemental), Move+3, and Two Swords. The one I spent my time building tonight was Jessica, who's back to being a Summoner with Math Skill, Teleport, Short Charge, and 108 Gems just to boost her fast summons to incredible levels of power. Ramuh is a deadly force that casts instantly. She also has a Wizard Rod, Golden Hairpin, and Black Robe, which cuts her HP to dangerous levels, but gives her lots of MP and even more elemental boosts. Finally, Ilena is a Ninja with Fly (soon to be Teleport, I expect), Battle Skill (not fully mastered, but I've got the non-item breaks and Shield Break, which are really all that matters), and Train, which makes regular battles a snap. Everyone is wearing Thief Hats, Black Costumes, and Feather Mantles if possible unless otherwise noted (and Ramza's wearing full Knight gear). So I've got some work to do yet, and improved equipment to steal (like more guns... I'm still thinking of giving Linus Equip Change so he can switch guns during battle to best take advantage of enemy weaknesses), but they're looking pretty strong.

I ate too much ice cream just now. That can't be good. But it wasn't as sweet as Full Moon wo Sagashite volume 3, which is so abundantly cute that it makes me happy even when it's sad. Another thing that makes me happy is taking a shower and going to bed, which I'm about to do, since it's already that time. I'd love to watch some Yucie, but I don't think that will happen tonight either.

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