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Today's FF9: The book wasn't too difficult once I figured out its pattern. If I had to fight it again, I could probably set things up so that not only can I last as long as I need to until Ratboy steals everything without having to waste items, but I wouldn't even have to take a hit after a certain point. Which means that I'm now at the part of the game I love and hate. Love because I finally get a bit of freedom to move around the world map without having to follow the plot (yes, it happens!), and hate because of one particular character... if you've gotten this far in the game, you know what I mean. Maybe. The one who becomes about as useful as a White Mage with a permanent Silence spell.

The washing machine adventure: The guy from work called this afternoon, after I called him a few times and failed to get through. He still showed up at about the time we'd agreed upon, and with Curt's help, we set about getting the washing machine inside, down the basement stairs, around the tight corners, and into place in the laundry area. Then we discovered that the hot water tap has a small leak, so he suggested replacing the washer inside. But the big problem didn't crop up until after he'd left... I tried to run a load using just cold water, and the tub filled just fine, but when it was full to the selected level, it didn't start the cycle. I surmised that the door wasn't closing properly, as evidenced by the fact that turning the water to a higher level would prompt it to go back to filling the tub. So he came back to check it out, and we discovered that the switch inside that was supposed to be triggered when the door closed was bent upward, probably from the tub shifting during the move. He bent it back down, and now it seems to work just fine. However, he refused to accept any payment for it after all that trouble. I've been haggling him up on the price from the beginning, but he finally got me down to nothing by calling it a housewarming gift and promising to help me come up with something I can do to repay his help delivering it.

The smell of burnt popcorn lingers even now...

I've been working on a story reduction of Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, but as I try to summarize the fourth book, I realize just how much of it I've forgotten. I'll need to review or even reread some of the books. Bliss! ^_^

And tomorrow is mst3k_80's birthday. Happy!

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