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We news?

Just to bring the "animal mothers caring for babies of another species" idea back into the positive, here are pictures of a tiger mother with piglets. The zoo where it takes place may be involved in some shady dealings with China selling tigers for parts... but aren't they cute anyway?

A deupty has been fired for using his dashboard camera to film women in bikinis. He also once used a department computer to look at porn. Still, he could get a new law enforcement job elsewhere. Keep your eyes peeled.

Premium gas sells at a tenth of the price. Fortunately, a woman noticed the error soon and dialed 911 to summon the Rexburg police.

A Tokyo bank robber asks the staff how he should rob the bank. Then he stabs himself in the leg with his knife.

A woman is rescued from a car buried under 40 tons of gravel. It's a good thing, too... that stuff is a killer for anti-lock brakes.

They think this duck ate an alien. Has anyone else ever heard the word "fluke"?

Maybe this woman had the wrong idea when she heard "Shih Tzu". She didn't take care of her dog and let it get so dirty that it couldn't move. Part of me understands. I probably wouldn't want to get my dog groomed either... which is why I don't have a dog. Still, part of me wonders how a dog that's THAT high-maintenance could make it through natural selection. But two years....

A high school senior tried to get the lead in the school play by poisoning her rival actress with bleach and Mountain Dew. It was the Mountain Dew that really tipped the scales... as you remember, stimulants aren't allowed in schools.

A U.K. gallows maker is exposed as a fraud. Yes, I know... how is that possible, and who really cares? Obviously, he was claiming to sell them to foreign governments (since England did away with the death penalty when they couldn't find a hangman who was professional enough), and that just wasn't true. Back to selling pet food for him.
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