Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Another thing I hate about living so close to the racing capital of the world... they pre-empted Deal or No Deal tonight for a racing awards show. I didn't get to go see the washing machine today, so I'm washerless for another week. Because that trip didn't happen, I'm also going to have to wait until after work tomorrow to fill up the gas tank. On the plus side, I watched two more episodes of Read or Die, read more of Here is Greenwood and Midori Days, started the next book of Faeries' Landing, and enlisted Puffy in my party in Final Fantasy 9. I think I've run out of names with (debatable) humor value. Ratboy and Ratgirl were made for each other, Clanky rather inexplicably hates being called Rusty (I think it's an improvement myself), Majesty can't figure out why everyone still recognizes her as the princess, Tonguey... has a giant tongue, and Orko is Orko because he just has to be Orko. There is no other name for him but Orko. Puffy... well, she wears puffy pants. And I still haven't decided on a name for the final character. The Flaming... Hairdo? Nothing works!

I'm sure everyone else had a more productive Memorial Day than I did.

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