Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

A Round Rock, TX bank robber reads a magazine while he waits for the police to arrive. Rexburg police quickly make the arrest. They lock him up next to three guys who stole lottery tickets and left a trail of Little Debbie wrappers for the cops to follow.

I think this is an update on that armless guy who was stopped for speeding. What do you call a guy with no arms and legs who lives in the glove compartment? Emmanuel.

And I just didn't want to watch it. Rats chew through power lines, cutting power to Riverside, CA during the final performance episode of American Idol. That probably helped out those poor people who have numbers close to American Idol voting numbers and get dozens of misdialed calls every time the show is on.

A Purdue student is arrested for hacking into the computer and changing his grades. Too bad he wasn't a computer hacking major... Fs are entered for all students at the beginning of the year, and the students have to enter the changes themselves without being caught.

A Nebraska judge rules that a convicted pedophile is too short to survive in prison and sentences him to probation. Uh... if he wanted to survive, he would have kept his dick in his pants and out of children. Chop it off and make him eat it if you're going to let him live among humans.
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