Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

You will know what to do when you unscramble How Nido Is Doing

OK, a bit more detail on yesterday... I woke up to a few more comments than I had time to respond to properly, so I decided to let them go and handle them after work. Work, of course, was the new employee orientation, where almost none of the invited speakers were able to attend. They all had representatives, though, and the guy from the Ordnance division was funny and entertaining. I was even heard to say that I'd like to work for him, although I'm quite content where I am, thank you very much. (Hear that, Big Brother?) Getting to use the Night Vision goggles was fun, and the lunch was pretty good too. Of course, it had to rain as we were headed to the optics building, so the thermal imagers weren't of much use. Then we went to a "reception" which was really more of a chance to be solicited heavily, and headed home. sakanagai started making a pizza while I set up our new welcome mat and went back to the apartment for the rest of my manga and as many DVDs as I could carry. One more trip should be able to get them all, other than the last DVD cabinet that we left because it should fit in my trunk. Not sure whether I'll try to transport it with the DVDs still inside, which will probably be the easiest way. (Obviously, I'll remove the DVDs to move the cabinet itself, then put them back in at the car.) When I got home, the pizza was done, and it was good. He used Roasted Garlic Alfredo sauce, pepperoni and mushrooms, and mozzarella cheese. We'll be experimenting with other sauces and toppings on future pizzas, but the experiment today was quite a success. I finished shelving my manga and cleared out the floor of the room so we can move the DVD cabinets up there later, and set to work reinstalling Windows 98 on my laptop so that it would hopefully be able to start up with the wireless card in the slot. Ultimately, as far as I know, it still can't. But that took the entire evening (I finished at about 11), so I wasn't able to get to most of my online pursuits. I read the Narbonic strip, and that was it. So to fill in the gap until House started, I played some KH2. I started at the Olympus Coliseum (having completed Phil's training last time) and went into the fighting areas to earn a few points toward my Summon level. That gave me an idea, so I went back into the Titan Cup and managed to score 5000 points within three rounds, after which I stopped caring and just beat it with my Lucky Lucky weapon, which I'd forgotten to change out. Then I figured I was on a roll and went to Twilight Town to hang posters. After a few false starts, I managed to get it done in EXACTLY thirty seconds, which counted. I had to search a bit for the skateboarding game, because I hadn't been paying attention before, but I found it and figured out how to beat it without too much difficulty. With that out of the way, I elected to get the treasure chest I'd missed in The World That Never Was, which was an Orichalcum+, and snag a few more Twilight Crystals before quitting for the night. I still need to beat the magic carpet mission in Agrabah, which I have an idea of how to do, and there are apparently some hidden tournaments in Olympus that I'll still need to find. I'll get to that when I get to it. There's more plot to complete so I can get the last Orichalcum+, I imagine, and I still need to find Lucid Stones, although I have a guess as to which enemy or enemies drop them. I got into a bit of an argument, which wasn't really an argument, just before bed, and I felt bad about that. I think it all worked out, though.

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