Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

birds_sing and trythil have birthdays tomorrow, I believe. Happies!

Today's Bridge: I've decided what the third unforgiveable crime in Bridge is. Raising your own pre-empt, opening weak and failing to make the contract, and sluffing an ace and then failing to make the contract. Needless to say, Dan was my partner and went off one in a contract where he sluffed the good ace of diamonds on the first trick. With that contract under our belts, the rubber would have been ours.

Today's Deal or No Deal: I don't have a gaydar, and as such, only those characters who are blatant homosexual stereotypes come across to me as "gay". I don't see "gay" as an insult, but it's not really the same thing as homosexual, is it? It's more like the traditional "flambouyant" sense, but in a way that implies homosexuality via the stereotype previously mentioned. Nevertheless, there are rare characters who are just so blatant in their gayness that I have to say "Man, that guy is gay." This would be two characters in the history of anything. Scribe Shanky (or "Spanky" as I have to call him) from Brave Fencer Musashi, and tonight's Deal or No Deal contestant in the pink shirt and jumps. He did have a few great moments, including the hilarious "I'll tell you my answer... after this commercial break. HOW DOES IT FEEL, HOWIE?!" And he made out like a bandit.

Curt made curry tonight. Yum. I agree, though... it will be better with chicken. Tomorrow, I need to fetch one of my frozen meats and make something. Possibly Philly Cheesesteak. I also wrestled the dresser up here today and discovered that the GFCI had been tripped, which is why the convenient outlet wasn't working. Now the only thing stretching across my bedroom is the phone cord, which will go away when we get high-speed internet. SBC can't provide that, it seems, so I'm going to hit the credit union tomorrow and see what Kiva's deal is. I can get a good discount, and they can't possibly suck as much as SBC did. And hopefully, my gateway will still work with their service.

And now, it's late enough that I need to cram in a quick shower before bed. The good news is that I have toaster pastries for breakfast and pizza for lunch, so the morning prep will be over almost before it begins.

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