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I've got my excerpt for tonight, so no beating around the bush. Here it comes:

Princess Serena's cold stare didn't waver in the slightest. "Moon Tiara Magic," she said darkly, not even bothering to shout the name of her signature attack. The tiara in her hand became a glowing discus.
"Well, I've seen that before," said Cell. "You don't honestly think it's going to work now just because you're in a dress, do you?"
"Your heart contains nothing but evil," said Princess Serena. "That is why I will strike you down! Enemy of mankind, prepare to be moon dust! YAH!" She pulled her arm back and hurled the discus in a blinding flash of light. The spectators on the roof had to shut their eyes, but the afterimage of the discus' trail remained in their vision long after the thunderous sonic boom of its flight had faded to silence. The light took a few seconds more to die down, finally allowing them to open their eyes and survey the destruction.
Cell stood exactly where he had been before, holding the discus disdainfully at arm's length. "Not bad," he conceded. "That almost hit me. But you still can't match my speed and power. Allow me to demonstrate." He wound up and threw the tiara back at Princess Serena with such speed that she couldn't get out of its path in time. She barely managed to twist in the air, leaving only her right side exposed to the projectile. It tore a chunk out of her abdomen as it flew past, throwing her backward beyond the edge of the quicksand below to land on the solid blacktop. Her dress shimmered and became the familiar fuku of Sailor Moon as she skidded to a halt. Blood quickly coated the fabric that covered her wound, instantly rendering her right half as dark as the blacktop beneath her.

No, I'm not going to post the entire chapter in excerpts, although it's tempting. This is one of my favorite chapters in the entire story, and for good reason. As the excerpt for tonight shows, things get darkest just before the dawn. And this isn't going to be a very bright dawn.

Today's Bridge: It was a fun day... after the project lead's day of overbidding, he spent today passing most of the time. But for the most part, it was the right thing to do. We set them three times, but I failed to double their 4C sacrifice, and we still would have lost the rubber even so. One interesting hand had the project lead overcall my partner's 2C with 2S. I had one club (the 6, I believe), nine points, and six spades to the queen. We all passed, and we set them by one... but they could have made it had the project lead finessed a few times against my queen. My hand was WEAK. They had every bid again, but we had only two hands that were really biddable, and mine would have been a balance. Spades partner said go for it, and I was thinking about it, but I had a good holding in their trump suit, and we DID set them by two. Other than that, we had nothing. They missed a few games and bid the wrong contract a few times, but still made 100 points and won the rubber.

Work-wise, I firmly believe that we're well on track. My results look good, and I'm starting on the next phase of the project while waiting for confirmation of those results. I may soon be ready to ask for that raise. I just want to have some results to show my manager before asking... I'm sure he'd have no problem even right now, but my preference is to feel like I've proven myself first. And I will. This is the kind of challenge I can rise to. "Hello World" indeed.

So, tonight should be an early night, since I've got four DVDs and possibly a CD to buy (yay Barenaked Ladies!) before I go to Terre Haute, which will make it a slightly later morning than most, and then I return for Bridge Night with Partner and his family. Maybe I'll even have time to watch my Saturday morning cartoons (the ones I care about, anyway) and the final DVD of Card Captor Sakura. Like 52 Curses, it will sadden me to see the end of it, but it's been a good series. And there's a second movie coming on Tuesday, and for once, I don't have to wait until Thursday to go get it. YAY! But will I watch it right then and there so I can pass it on to Partner's daughter? Maybe... I certainly can't watch it over the weekend. Sugoicon yo! And the final arrangements for that are underway. So come on out and see me in person! Or don't... but Greg Dean will be there. Come see him, at least. I plan to.

Happy stories always depress me, and depressing stories make me happy... after they're done depressing me. I just hate it when other people prove that life doesn't have to be as miserable as it's always seemed. And then they all have to go and be happy about it. Smarmy bastards.
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