Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Bridge: The entire rubber revolved around a 3NT hand that I shouldn't have been able to make, but I did. That made up for Dan knowing that I was bidding a convention and still bidding 2NT-3C-5C. He's lucky we each had three clubs, and I had enough power to only be off four.

Today's Work: I solved that little problem I had yesterday. That was about it for ongoing efforts. I showed our tech writer some of the ins and outs of the system.

Today's Plans for the Future: I've got an appointment to take my car in for service on Thursday, which may be cheaper and easier if sakanagai can give me a ride to work. The U-Haul is scheduled for Sunday, and I'll make some calls tomorrow to see if I can have the utilities switched to the new address on or near that date. I'll also contact the post office early in the day to see what it will take to get a key to our mailbox... the realtor never showed up to install the cabinet doors or called to arrange it. Another call I may make tomorrow, just to see. We'll be hitting some shops tomorrow to look for affordable window coverings, bar stools, trash cans, and other commodities for the new place.

It also appears that Mom called while I was in the shower, and I only just found out when the answering machine randomly beeped at me. Oops. Sorry about that, Mom. I'll try to call you tomorrow as soon as it's not too early. And now I have to dial in to post the entry. Grrr. Check that. Not even a dial tone! GRAAAAAAH! It had better be fixed soon, or my move will not go smoothly. And it's back. Up and down, I tell you.

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