Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Spades: Yes, we played Spades today, and used the Precision 2.0 bidding system. One of the hands was a put-down 10, and another was similarly put-down, but I panicked and bid 8 instead. A 21-point hand with two spades, queen high, and my partner sitting opposite me with at least 6 points and 4 spades. Why didn't I bid 10? Because I'm an idiot. There, I said it. Still, the one 10 we did make, and a few sets when they locked it up, gave us the win. something like 370 to 310, because I didn't quite cover partner's nil on the last hand. I needed to lead a club so he could sluff a high heart, but instead I tried to pull his spades and lost one, and had the 4-2 of hearts to try to cover him. His 6 won the third heart trick. Still, I managed to keep us from rolling on that hand, which would have cost us the entire game. Oh well. It's what happens when the project lead's out for the day and we don't have a fourth for Bridge.

I also had forgotten to bring the next Card Captor Sakura DVD, so poor partner's daughter has to wait another day for her fix. Still, I'm sure I'm still more excited about it than she is. Even if the final DVD isn't at the local Sam Goody, the Suncoast in Terre Haute has never failed to have a copy on time. So I'll bring my prebook slip there for the discount, as always. Good old Triple Points Saturdays... spent at two stores, no less! And the copy of Demon Diary 3 that Mom mailed me arrived today, in excellent condition. That's why I started reading 2 this morning. Very strange series, very weird characters. I like.

Yes, it's early, but I don't expect to have anything excerptable from GTP chapter 19 tonight. Still looking for prereaders for the other two chapters.

For some reason, when I'm not wearing a shirt, it feels like something's crawling on my back. It constantly baffles me. Mmmm... baffles. Wait, no. I'm thinking of that food... eggnog.

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