Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Sexy news, and a bit that isn't about sex. Somewhere in there.

Man offers $1000 for a virgin bride between 12 and 24. Good luck.

A Salvadoran woman is caught smuggling a grenade and drugs into a prison in her special women-only hiding place. Visiting people in prison must be tough, because they CHECK there.

A deputy sheriff sends a neighbor naked pictures of himself as well as suggestive text messages. News flash to would-be criminals out there... data doesn't just disappear. It leaves obvious trails. And sending a picture of yourself... just too damn obvious.

And what's with all the racy stories today? Next, we'll have students showing pornographic films in school!

A woman feeding pigeons in Hollywood is creating a major mess. I have to wonder how much money she spends on birdseed... hundreds of pounds a day has to be expensive.

A German retiree flushes his money down the toilet - literally. Silly man! Even if marks aren't legal tender anymore, and even when the time comes when they can no longer be exchanged for euros, they'll still probably have value to collectors. Even coins can be valuable, such as three pennies worth a total of $1500 that this coin collector has spent in New York as common one-cent pieces just to put them into circulation and spark interest in coin collecting. I'm in no hurry to rush home and dig through my pennies looking for valuables.

A prison facility gets new toilets that don't face Mecca. Because Allah doesn't want people to look at his holy city while pooping.

And because we can't get enough sexy news... A fake doctor offers free breast exams, but just wants to grope and fondle.

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