Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Staying up until 11:30 is just what happens when I get distracted. But I love it.

Today's Bridge: We only had three people, so we had the Fluxx deck ready to go, but Kim (the new employee) happened by and, while she thought Fluxx was too complicated, she was willing to learn how to play Bridge. Now there's an incongruity for you. I ran down some bidding basics and we started playing example hands, culminating in a 2C opener for me, which she jump-raised to 3H. We didn't get much bidding room, so I ended up going to 6NT with no information about her aces, but she had what she promised, and Kelly obliged by leading her ace of clubs. We had six diamond tricks and six heart tricks, as well as the ace of spades and the K-Q of clubs that Kelly's lead set up. It was just a matter of choosing which ones to take in what order. I didn't get to say as much as I'd have liked ot about the conventions, but she picked up what we taught her very quickly, and I'm looking forward to inviting her to play more and learn some of the specialized conventions. I bet she'll even be able to understand Stayman.

Today's Work: I switched over one of the RTUs to the new link type, and the system is receiving the data properly from what I can tell. It's not interpreting all of the data just yet, but it's a very good start, and I can add new message functionality one message at a time, or even one field of one message at a time. I need to rework the coordinate conversion, though... after I finally found where it was hidden, it turns out to require all of its inputs in ASCII, in whole numbers, while the data coming in is in units of 2.5. The halves being rounded away are throwing off the coordinates more than I'd like. So I'll probably yank the conversion functions and make my own copy that accepts halves, just for this purpose. Yay code bloat. I was so engrossed that I forgot to come home. I put in an hour and a half of comp time before I remembered that it was time to leave.

Today's Kingdom Hearts 2: I moved on to another world and beat it, because I didn't really have much else to do. chaeri wanted to chat, and we did for a while, but today was my day for gaming, and I took advantage of it. I enjoyed the interesting gimmick in the fights in that world, although I never did get around to performing the new limit. I tried against the boss, but it wasn't available. Or maybe I did it and messed up the timing. Who knows? I may try again later. I also finally made a Free Synthesis item... about two more before I "level up". I used the new Drive a few times... still not a single experience point gained. I used it at all the wrong times. It'll be great when fighting lots of little, easy enemies.

And I didn't do anything else because of the overtime. I'm amazed I even got through my webcomics.

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