Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Bridge: We were awesome. I think that about covers it.

Today's condo stuff: I've got a date and time for the inspection, which will require me to take about half a day off work. But I think it'll be worth the time, just to be assured the place is in good shape.

Today's work: Mostly going over documentation and making comments on the proposed changes. I really hate to be sarcastic in situations like that, but when the writer asks a question, then proceeds to answer it in the remainder of the section, or when she asks "What's the difference between labeled and unlabeled fields?" (where the answer is "labeled fields have labels, and unlabeled fields don't"), it's not easy.

Today's weather: I didn't get to watch Deal or No Deal because there were tornado warnings all over the state, and that's never happened before in Indiana. In fact, we don't even know what a tornado is, so it's not enough to just have the graphic in the corner of the screen showing where the warnings are, and cut in occasionally when there's major news. No, the local network affiliate has to cancel the show I want to see so they can figure out how their fancy weather map works and look at the damn storm from every angle imaginable. And the report said that there actually was a tornado out by the base... historians take note! The first tornado ever recorded in Indiana! Or it could be something that happens EVERY OTHER DAMN DAY here, that wasn't remotely worth canceling the show for.

Today's Legaia 2: I finally found the girl and rescued her from some tough battles. Now I'm fighting Lyps. Lots and lots of Lyps. I don't know whether it's enough to finish the quest or not. I hope so.

Today's Manga: Mostly Girls Bravo. It's fun.

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