Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I've got a brother with a birthday today, and a princesstarfire with a birthday tomorrow. Yay!

Today's Bridge: When I do get to play, the hands suck. Really. I managed to pull off a 4D sacrifice at off three undoubled, which I could probably have held to off two. They made a slam on the first hand (not even in their suit! Paul screwed up and bid 6NT instead of 5NT for Blackwood) and had the power in every other hand.

Today's Condo-Buying: As the news post said, my pre-approval came through early this morning, so I made my first offer this afternoon. I won't give the details, but things are progressing. I should know by tomorrow afternoon where they're going. The closing date, if the offer is accepted as-is, will be April 26 at the latest. It could be earlier if everything goes quickly and smoothly, and the seller agrees, which seems likely because the place is vacant, and the sooner I take it over, the sooner I take over the expenses, including taxes and insurance fees.

I don't know whether I want to watch Unanimous or not. I'm interested in Deal or No Deal, though. I'm having fun mocking the idiots who don't know when to quit. Think I'll sign off now and do something of interest for the rest of the evening.

I forgot how much I enjoyed "Rabid Child" until I heard it again today. Not really sure why, on either count.

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