Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Other people's news, and a little of mine.

As if we needed to see more of any of this... A pro-life statue of Britney Spears naked and posing seductively while giving birth on a bearskin rug. Is there any part of that idea that DOESN'T bother me? Well, the rug I could take or leave. But as usual, I think it says something when some pro-lifers are protesting the association of this statue with their cause. So tell me... how many women give birth on their hands and knees rather than on their backs?

An elderly man with a broom tries to fight off an alligator. That's not news... that's a random battle in Final Fantasy 7.

The winning fish in the first annual Vaagvannet Ice Fishing Contest weighed .07 of an ounce. Now we know why they never held this contest before.

Nova Scotia conservation officers use robotic moose to catch hunters. The decoys also probably protect the endangered moose, although I'm sure a few of the desperate ones will approach the robots for dates and end up getting shot.

Three-year-old boy climbs into a crane game machine and gets trapped. Now, it may be that he wasn't so much trapped as having too much fun to leave, because he actually made it all the way up the chute to the toys. I should check the CPSC listings to see if that machine is on there, although it's said that the kid wasn't in any actual danger. Whoever had the key to the machine could have taken him out just as easily. Or someone with a spare quarter and mad crane skills. Malon from Link's Awakening would be choice.

A couple were charged $4334.33 for four Burger King burgers. The cashier entered the total twice when he used his debit card, and the charge went through. It got refunded in the end, though. But I need to watch for things like that in the next few weeks, as money becomes a concern. At least I have my mortgage financing pre-approved. And that's how I blend my news with everyone else's news. Like it or love it.

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