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Dan Castellanetta as a guest star on The Simpsons... interesting idea. Diet Pepsi playing Texas Hold 'Em... I feel sick. Good thing I'm having ramen. Watching tonight's episode and the trailer for American Dreamz has convinced me that the next step in the country's advancement will be to get more young voters involved in the democratic process. One day, the Presidential election will be conducted by reality show. All of the candidates will have to live in a house, and the cameras will document their day-to-day arguments. (This week, Al Gore tears Hillary Clinton's hair out because her makeup time is preventing him from using the shower... fortunately, Dick Cheney arrives in time to break up the fight with a convenient "dinner accident" by stabbing Al in the face. Donald Trump adds his catchphrase, "You're Impeached!") Each week, each candidate would have to choose a speechwriter to tell them how they feel about a controversial issue in American politics and make a "State of the Union" address about it. Then the American people will vote (those who have AT&T phones with text-message capability can cast as many votes as they want) and whoever gets the lowest number of votes becomes the governor of Wyoming.

I took the drive down to the Eagle Pointe resort today to take a look at the condos there. They were pricier than the ones we looked at in town, and only a few looked like they had enough usable space for both of us. Most of them seemed to have too much invested in decks and staircases. Somehow, the unit from yesterday didn't seem to suffer much from having stairs. The ones that were big enough were also much more expensive, and the monthly dues are steep enough that he might be better off just sticking with an apartment. And I certainly wouldn't want to pay that kind of money on my own. There were a few smaller ones that would be better for just me, if it came to that, but again, the monthly cost is much higher than I'd like, it's inconvenient for just about everything except work (and truth be told, it's not that much closer to work), and I honestly don't care much for the resort atmosphere. They're rich people condos, and they look and feel (and finance) like it. The only thing they would have going for them is resale value, and the increased cost would more than offset that. It'll be useful to have that as a fallback, so I'm not tied down to one house, but I'm definitely going to make an offer on the local townhouse this week. Next steps: talk to my credit union about financing, an inspector about whatever he or she does, and my real estate agent about the rest. Not in that order, most likely. Once I finally get a settlement date, we can start arranging move-ins and utility transfers, but that's at least two weeks down the road. And another few months before I stop being too lazy to pack.

Amazingly, about the only thing I played today was Little Nemo the Dream Master. Anyone remember that game? Yeah, you'd better. Amazingly enough, I got all the way to Nightmare Land without having to continue, but I forgot where a few of the keys were and lost a few lives while going back for them, so the second part of Nightmare Land kicked my pajama-clad ass and I didn't feel like trying to go the distance with only three lives. And I thought I was doing well when I only died once in the House of Toys. Topsy-Turvy... I shall best thee yet.

I have no idea why I bought a fudge-iced chocolate cake today. It was delicious, but I still have German chocolate cake left. And a few cookies, the rest of the Kissables, and those Doritos I need to get around to eating. Also, Taco Bell probably isn't the best idea for breakfast, but I had that fast food fish craving again. I decided to go for Wendy's this time, and it was pretty good, if exactly the same as every other fast food fish sandwich. At least I could get a salad with the meal instead of fries. I enjoy Caesar salads.
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