Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Bridge: We didn't get to declare a single hand, and twice, I threw away the setting trick. It wouldn't be so bad except that one of those was a 5D that I'd doubled.

Today's planning for the future: I made appointments with two realtors to see some condos on the south side. The first one will be Saturday at noon, for some of the larger condos in areas where college students typically live, but the condo fees are only $80 per month, and I'm told that they've been stable for quite a while. The other problem is that they're all being leased out at the moment. Depending on which building I buy in, I'd either have to wait until August to move in or give the current tenants 60 days' notice. That means that sakanagai would have to live elsewhere until move-in. Not that it's such a big deal taking a short-term lease while waiting for an August move-in date... that's what I did when I moved here. The other appointment is for some smaller 2-bedroom condos by the lake, which is pretty far south, but considerably closer to the base than where I am now. I don't know the details of those yet, but the appointment is for Sunday at 10:30. One of the realtors asked me if I have an agent yet... should I hire one? It seems to me like that might complicate things and take longer to make the arrangements, but since it's my first time buying property, I could probably use the help.

Today's Work: Other than calling the realtors, I wouldn't say I got a lot done, but I've been helping other people with what they're doing. Mine will all come together in due time.

Today's MP2: Despite my better judgment, I went ahead and got Screw Attack. This means that the rest of my evening, or what little remains of it, is way behind schedule. But I'll make do.

I've been listening to the eponymous Gorillaz album recently, and it bothers me a bit that the two tracks played on the radio (Clint Eastwood and 19/2000) were both remixes, and only one of those remixes made it onto the album. The Clint Eastwood remix on the album was pretty sucky. But the rest of the album has some good songs, and enough of the weird harmonies and instrumentals that I enjoyed to make me happy with it. At least they remix well.

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