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Today's Personal Shopping Day: Let's just say I got plenty of use out of it. It's a little late to be cataloguing my entire list of purchases right now, but I'll give it a whirl, pulling things out of my bags one by one. When I first got to the House, sakanagai gave me what I can only assume is the complete collection of Live Action Sailor Moon. The box says it has 43 episodes, but the website says 49, which is the total number of episodes. I'll check them tomorrow, or later tonight if I'm still up when the VCR stops recording. We went to the mall as usual, and I found the following at Waldenbooks: Sugar Sugar Rune 2, School Rumble 1, Ouran High School Host Club 5, Othello 7 (the last one), MÄR 6, Lupin III: World's Most Wanted 6, Negima 9, Read or Die 1, Fullmetal Alchemist 6, and the eighth FMA DVD. I got that one because it seemed like a big enough collection to be worth using my March personal shopping day. So I did, and all of that stuff was 10% off. Then we went to Suncoast, where the DVDs are buy 2, get 1 free. One of the DVDs I found (DearS 4, I expect) was on sale, so it didn't count toward the offer. That was good, because it was the cheapest one. ^_^ The others were Ultra Maniac 6, the first disc of Case Closed with box (which I only got because it has the uncut Japanese episodes on it as well), and the complete series of Devil Lady, which I really only became interested in because of lovengizmo, who probably knows less about it than I do. I finally found a preview of it that didn't look entirely sucky, so it's mine now. Then I made sure to leave Terre Haute early enough to hit Borders on the way home (not hard... they're open until 11 every day) and picked up a few more books: Saiyuki Reload 3, Rave Master 19, Psychic Academy 11 (the last one... now to find the anime without having to buy the damn first two books again), Pita-Ten Official Fan Book 2, Girls Bravo 3, Gacha Gacha 3 (been looking forward to that one), Samurai Champloo 2, Faeries' Landing 12, and Ai Yori Aoshi 12. It was a good day. An expensive day, but a good day, and not nearly as expensive as it could have been.

Back at the House, we watched the second DVD of Hanaukyo Maid Team (although I slept through the last episode... I'll watch it on my own at some point, perhaps tomorrow), Advent Children (which I'm quite glad I didn't buy... but it made great MST3K fodder), most of Horse Feathers (during which he was on the phone with Mom, trying to debug her network problem, which turned out to be an ISP outage that she could have discovered by calling the ISP first), and the first three episodes of Petite Princess Yucie, which I think turned out to be as infectious as expected. At any rate, I think he'll be willing to watch more if I bring it. ^_^

No mail today. This displeases me. This displeases me very much.

Less displeasing was a tag from kawanee to do a meme. However, we all know I have my own way of doing things, as follows:
What is yours?
Explain yourself
Culinary: Eschewing the words "low" and "free" If I'm paying for it, I want it all, baby! Give me your fat, your carbs, your calories and your sodium. Let ME decide how much of it to remove!
Literary: Not writing as much as I should But... the video games are so animated and interactive!
Audiovisual: Watching DVDs while playing games But... they're BOTH animated, and only one is interactive!
Musical: Singing in the shower Hey... you don't have to listen.
Celebrity: You can't prove anything I don't live near enough Jewel Staite to stalk her, so I refuse to feel guilty about it. No court will convict me!

Now I tag:-

no one specific

to complete this same Quiz. Its online existence is a matter of public record HERE.

And that's what I do when I don't feel like posting an entry. Hints for the character meme tomorrow. And if nobody's even guessed my favorite character from Louie the Rune Soldier by then, I will be very displeased. For heaven's sake, you don't even need to know anything about the series apart from the title!

EDIT: The Sailor Moon DVDs check out... it appears that all 49 episodes are in the collection. Rock. And some of the menus have anime graphics in them. ^_^ Also, I have four birthdays in my list, at least one of whom probably reads this. So, songs_of_joy, smidleke, alkrea, and tigerfly_hikari... if any of you are reading this, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to the ones who don't read as well, but I don't suppose I have anything to do with that.

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