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casinoemp and deathofrats apparently celebrated birthdays today... I don't know if either of them reads this journal, but if they do, I hope they had fun! With their birthdays... not this entry. The entry is yet to come, as such.

I spent most of the work day reading a section for the new version of the user's manual and answering questions that our author/updater had. Taxing technical questions that translated (in my system-savvy mind) to things like "Is there a difference between stdout and stderr?" and "If you have a button with the same name in two different places, does it do different things? Which one should I press?" (That button was the equivalent of "ping", running on different machines depending on which button was pressed.) I don't intend to sound overly condescending, because it's both good and amazing that a technical writer is trying to understand the program to that level of detail. But there are enough questions to which my answer boils down to "don't worry about it" that it begins to feel a bit like a waste of time. But it's better than alternatives. I couldn't run my unit test, because Andrew spent the day on our file server, trying to figure out why mail wasn't getting to where he was sending it. The final conclusion, as near as I can tell, is that NMCI sucks, which we've all known since it came out. But I'm sure I've ranted about that before. Consider the idea of giving everyone in a company exactly the same computer, forbidding them to install anything on it or customize it for their job, and making it a felony to connect any other computers to the network. Now take away a third of the funding for the effort and let upper upper management, like the CEO, decide what the computer will be. Also, make that "company" the entire civilian division of several branches of the Armed Forces, as well as their contractors (who are under the same constraints computer-wise, but don't get to see even the remaining two thirds of the funding). Take a guess as to why everything stops working.

Today's DQ8: I couldn't resist the lure, so I went back to the game and use Baumren's Bell liberally to explore areas I'd never searched properly. I found mostly seeds, and a few other items, but I eventually discovered the last two mini medals I needed and got myself the final reward from Princess Minnie. I've mastered Angelo's sword skill, which may or may not help me as I advance. Still no sign of duplicates of my favorite helmet, though. I'm pretty sure I know where to get them, but they'll be incredibly rare.

Tonight's FCM: I finally opened the Schroedinger's box and resolved the quantum state of the doctor's fate. Apparently, she's going to live for the moment, if only because I don't feel like introducing a second new character in the first scene, and I didn't want to introduce her and have her die right away. Just keep in mind that, when we learn of the dead characters, she was on the chopping block with the rest of them.

No mail today at all. I was really hoping for the Kodocha DVDs to arrive. I may just push off the Terre Haute trip until Sunday, to give them one more day to arrive. That will depend on how plans fall out otherwise. I doubt they'll be important, since I've got plenty of Hanaukyo Maid Team and Getbackers.

And has anyone heard of MOCO? They're "AN AMERICAN COMPANY" that's taken over three of the gas stations on the way to work. Somehow, that fails to make me feel better. The good news is that Viz will be releasing uncut Naruto DVDs, and in news that I care about, they're also going to publish Busou Renkin (Armored Alchemist) manga.

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