Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Bridge: We won, in a manner of speaking. It's not often that you fail to make a 1D contract. Perhaps that was for the best, though... I was aiming for 1NT, and all the power we had were my four aces, two queens in Steve's hand, and one jack each.

Today's Work: It looks like we've figured out what was causing our builds to go screwy. We made some changes, and the builds seem to work, provided that we get a fresh checkout of the code before building. It's probably a good time to refresh everything anyway.

Today's Red River: For a series that I only picked up on a whim, to check out, because there was nothing else to buy that week and there was a sale, it sure has turned out to be a page-turner. I half want to grab the next book and just start reading, but it'll be a long time before I actually do, I'm sure. Next in my queue are Prince of Tennis (which I read at about the same pace as Red River... I think I always end up grabbing one book of each), In Dream World, Here is Greenwood, and the first book of Meru Puri at last.

Today's RPG Maker 3: More work toward balancing the power of my monsters, mostly. I finally got the Snow Siren to act in a reasonable fashion... for some reason, even if I tell it to concentrate on magic/skills, it would rather defend than use magic or skills. I gave it an attack skill, and even told it to use nothing but skills... even if I made the attack skill nearly kill the thing, it would rather commit suicide than use the free, very effective defense-reducing skill. In the end, I told it to attack randomly, and now it loves reducing defense... and then doing it again, until it dies without bothering to attack. And I don't think the defense reduction is cumulative. So perhaps I need to adjust its magic so that it can only use that spell once, and then the attack spell the rest of the time. That could work.

My new Shounen Jump showed up, unsurprisingly beating Shoujo Beat yet again. Another call is in order, perhaps this weekend, to get the magazine redelivered and see if I can figure out why it, and my paycheck, never get here. And I need to continue the reorganization of my CDs, now that I have a place to put them all. One thing I don't need to organize are guesses about my favorite characters in series such as Ranma 1/2, Cromartie High School, and Genshiken, as well as Wedding Peach, because I haven't gotten many. I'll keep sticking reminders down here, like Shounen Jump ads, until people notice.


Clearly, I can't stress that enough. And people still don't get it. My comments are beginning to look like the customers_suck archives. "But you said it had Wedding Peach in it, so I can't guess!" "Look... your local anime store probably has Wedding Peach in it. By your logic, that means you can never buy or rent ANY anime EVER AGAIN, because the presence of Wedding Peach in the store invalidates your ability to use anything else in the store at all." "But I've never seen Wedding Peach!" Sound familiar to anyone? Now, never use that argument again, or I'll start throwing things. I mean it. Unless you're honestly planning to give up anime forever because you haven't seen Wedding Peach. If that's the case, you need help. Seriously. Go get some. Then go guess my favorite characters.

I'll probably post some hints tomorrow or Saturday, and answers on Monday, just to have the whole thing over with and let you all get back to your not caring. Generous, or generous to a fault?

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