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It was a good day. I don't really want it to end. Unfortunately, that's not entirely my choice. So a quick wrapup of my day will commence shortly, followed by bed.

I was up late last night talking to socks, after an introductory AIM conversation with sockschan, so I was rather tired this morning. I also had plans in the afternoon, so I waited until after 10 to head to Borders. I picked up some good stuff there: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 3, Ultra Maniac 5 (which appears to be the final book in the series), Louie the Rune Soldier 4, Cheeky Angel 11, Happy Hustle High 5, Prince of Tennis 12, and Red River 11. I thought about ordering Cheeky Angel 10, but I decided to throw it in with my Animenation order instead, while I was already ordering online. Likewise, I gave Kodocha DVD 4 a miss and bought the Wallace and Gromit Collection, the Maze DVD collection, and the second season of Pete and Pete instead. I already have Maze on VHS, but the DVD is naturally better. I might keep the videos for the cover art, though. Who knows? Then I decided to go to Target to see if they had the bookcases I like, and sure enough, they had two. So I bought them and assembled the first one. I'm back to having all of my manga on shelves again, and when midterms are over, I might assemble the other one and put more of my novels in it. I might hold off on that and wait until after I move, though. It depends. The bookcase will certainly be easier to move if it's still in the box. I mention midterms because one of the downstairs neighbors came up to find out what the banging was, and we chatted for a bit. I was willing to put off my work until a more convenient time, but he said I could go ahead and finish. It's nice when people are polite and reasonable, unlike the German nutcase who contacted me today. Unfortunately, I neglected to save the conversation, which would have been much shorter if Gaim would properly block a sender. Regrettably, I had to sit through a conversation that started out normally enough, but when I didn't send her a picture, and then told her I needed to go somewhere, she started with the random abuse, from "you're mean" right to "fuck you" and most of the same in German. Finally, she broke out the big bomb: "you waste my time". I pointed out that I wasn't forcing her to sit there and message me (and indeed, if I had my way, I'd have shut her up long before), and invited her to go outside and hurl her random bilingual abuse at the common citizenry of New York. That seemed to do the trick. This is why most people don't publish their contact information, to save them from nuts like that. I say bring 'em on. Very few have challenged me to a battle of wits and come out of it well enough to make telling the tale worth their while. And the worst part is that, in most cases, I just provide a setup and they make themselves look like idiots for me.

After that was done, I went to Wal-Mart to pick up socks for lunch, and bumped into sockschan and ladyareia while I was there. Actually, I didn't go there to buy anything, so I just picked up the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy DVD, The Adventures of Mark Twain, and a PS2 game called Scaler - you math types can thwack me if you want, because I didn't even recognize the pun, if indeed it is a pun, until I got home. The good news is that it doesn't look like it will be good enough for any other game to be a derivative of it, because such a game would be zero. *sniff* Ah, ha. It is a bit of intellectual humor, you see. Anyway, it looks like it might be interesting enough, but probably on the order of Psychonauts in terms of difficulty and length. There aren't many objectives... two eggs in each of the ten levels, and ten crystals that are optional and lead to a secret ending. But I chose to spend my evening playing DQ8, and I finally decided to gird my loins and see what the secret boss was like. Aside from the killing a character with one of the two attacks he has per turn thing, he wasn't THAT tough... I only had to use all of the Elven Elixirs and the one Yggdrasil Leaf I'd brought with me by the time I was done, and I'm not sure I needed one of those Elixirs... can Yangus use Kerplunk with zero magic points? Anyway, it's not something I plan to do again anytime soon, but I'm going to have to, because there's some great treasure waiting for me when I do. Until then, it's going to be money-making and level-building for a good long while, and trying to figure out alchemy ingredients for useful tools.

As for lunch with Socks... we ate at O'Charley's.

Let's just say that Jojo's Bizarre Adventure was great as a Playstation game, but nothing can compare to the full story as told in the manga. I'm half tempted to give the anime a go, but I don't think I will. I just ordered the Evangelion Platinum collection, as well as two DVDs of Kodocha and the next one of Ah! My Goddess, along with the Shojo Beat I was missing. And if the March issue isn't in Monday's mail, I may call to ask about it.

And, perhaps inspired by the silly fighting in Bobobo~bo Bo~bobo, I finished the fight scene in QEFEFZ... and my going-to-hell quotient has risen considerably. To take your mind off the horrible, horrible image, here's a multiple-choice question. Finish the following phrase that describes a giant explosion: "The biggest bomb since ____"

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