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Today's Manga: I really wasn't expecting to find High School Girls 6. Wasn't it only a month and a half ago or so that I found book 4? I also got Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden 3 and the second RahXephon novel.

Today's TH Visit: I spent the morning finally getting into Jak X Combat Racing, which is much more fun than I'd expected. Yes, that's a good thing. So I packed up the usual assortment of stuff and drove up to visit sakanagai. We had lunch at Olive Garden, and the waitress did a great job, brought us all of our refills, and checked my ID. The 50% tip was expensive because I volunteered to pay for the appetizer as well... so it was probably the second most expensive meal I've ever paid for, and certainly the most expensive that I ate by myself (although we shared the appetizer, which was a cheese dip). Perhaps I should have bent a bit on that, but that's my policy. We went back to the House and watched the Wallace and Gromit movie, which was good, and the included short, which he didn't care for at all. I thought it had its charm. Then we watched the first DVD of Hanaukyo Maid Team, which gave me even more insight into Konoe's character. Not that I was off at all, but I think it may have been a bit out of the ordinary for her to get splashed with the clothes-dissolving acid so many times in QEFEFZ, considering that when there really was something tearing the clothes off every maid in the house, she was the one who successfully avoided its attacks and neutralized it. I was half-hoping it would spring back to life just long enough to strip her, just so I could say "There you go! When she gets caught off guard, she's as vulnerable as anyone!" but it was not to be. I suppose that makes it a testament to just how viral Taeko's clumsiness is. Then I played some more Jak X to show Curt how much fun it was until it was time to leave.

I made it home in time to catch House, and I actually paid attention to most of the episode for a change. Interesting little twist and burn there at the end. Meanwhile, I made spaghetti for the first time in ages. How long has it been? Well, the sauce jar exploded on me when I opened it. I covered the shirt with stain remover and tossed it in the hamper, then gave the walls a good scrub. Yes, like that. I hope that isn't an omen for tomorrow, when I start making sandwiches with pizza sauce and mozzarella sticks.

Of course, I had plenty of time to think on the way home and I think I've finally got the fight scene more or less the way I want it. And now even the characters in the story know I'm going to hell for it. I might as well post the whole thing, since parts aren't really going to do it, but if you just want to see the part that's really wrong or have forgotten about the various powers associated with Konoe's mop, just skip right to The Payoff.

Meanwhile, Konoe had scuttled across the ground and closed the distance between herself and Mingchao. She stood up and swung the mop with expert precision, barely giving Mingchao time to spin around and let the wok on her back absorb the blow. She unslung the cooking implement and turned to face her opponent, blocking thrust after thrust as if she'd been doing it all her life.
"Should we try to help?" asked Taeko.
"You standin' back here, outta the way, is the most helpful thing ya could do," said Sasshi.
Mingchao grunted as a particularly fierce swing nearly knocked the wok from her hands. "Hey, you two, don't just lie there! Give me a hand here!"
Triela sat up, her gaping chest wound revealing her metal interior, and fired a few quick rounds at Konoe, forcing her to leap back.
Mingchao gave Triela a thumbs-up. "Thanks! Now we can - hey! I can't move my feet!"
Konoe favored her with a satisfied smirk.
Triela started to crawl toward Mingchao, then stopped with a look of horror on her face. "Mingchao... your legs! You're sinking!"
Mingchao looked down to see the cement moving beneath the thin coat of soapy water, as if it had never dried. "What's happening to me?" she shouted.
"Ha ha! That's the way ta go!" cheered Sasshi. "Ya really mopped the floor with 'er!"
Mingchao growled. "You're gonna have to do a lot better than a little quicksand to beat me!" She twisted around and held a hand out to Triela. "Hey, pull me out of this stuff!"
Triela shook her head and backed away. "I don't do very well with water... my metal body would sink like a stone."
Mingchao turned the other way. "Leeche!"
Leeche exhaled a cloud of smoke.
"Fine! I'll get myself out!" Mingchao flipped the wok around and sat on it, using it as a pontoon. She pulled her legs out of the ground, planted her feet on the wok, and leapt triumphantly to solid ground, where she was met with a vigorous splash of water from Konoe's bucket.
Mingchao shook herself off. "Now you're just trying to make me angry!"
Triela had to stifle a giggle. "Mingchao... now your clothes are melting!"
Mingchao looked down as the last of her outer clothing vanished, leaving her wearing nothing but an assortment of leather straps held together by heavy metal studs. Her face turned red and steam shot from her ears.
Sasshi shook his head. "Now that's REAL wrong. The author's goin' ta hell fer this fer sure."

So the mop-swinging was all just a diversion while she mopped the ground (which I'm hoping Sasshi's bad pun will make clear), and even that was just part of a big trick to disrobe Mingchao. Of course, far from being too embarrassed to fight, this will add a few weapons to Mingchao's arsenal... but that will be for the next excerpt.

And as is typical, I think that's time to call it a night and not have time to watch the last episode on my DVD, despite any and all careful planning to the contrary. At least the rent for the month will soon be paid.
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