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Today's Bridge: I had about 11 points in the first hand, if I counted the Q-x of diamonds as two points. I had to pass the first time around even though I had five good hearts, so when CP opened 1D in fourth seat, I felt that I was strong enough to bid 2H. CP and Mike both thought I was stronger than I was, so CP bid 4NT, and with my one ace, he felt confident enough to go to 6NT. We made it because Paul held on to the good Q-J-10-9 of spades and sluffed the long diamonds he'd been harboring, allowing his jack to be pulled. We then proceeded to give up 2NT with an overtrick or two (it was my very bad defense that gave them more extras... they were cold for 3NT, I think, but for some reason, the hand felt unimportant to me and I played stupidly), made 3C much to the surprise of everyone at the table, and were much relieved when Paul left a bid of 2C when they had 6 without question. So we were only ahead by the slam bonus or so going into the final hand, and they had a 2H-4H auction. CP cut in with 5C, and I had something on the order of S x-x-x H 10-9-x D K-Q-10-x-x-x C 5. I bid 5D there, and Paul raised to 5H. We let that go, obviously, and CP won my opening club lead, ran the ace of clubs, then ran a low club into Mike's jack of hearts. Because he'd had to use that, he had to run a heart to the board's king and lead back through to cover CP's queen, which left my ten high. We had one more side suit trick that they couldn't avoid, and the club split turned out to be their undoing. No end to the strangely distributed hands, it seems. But that's what makes it interesting.

Today's Work:

Today's DQ8: I haven't actually worn the Divine Bustier into a battle yet, but not only is it even more powerful than the Dragon Robe, it also increases Jessica's Dodge ability, AND it's one of the appearance-altering outfits. You can't ask for more than that! I also decided that Angelo's healing ability was as annoying as it was useful, and because I'm using Sage's Stones for most of my healing anyway, I just gave him the Dragon Robe. I expect that Jessica will no longer be immune to lightning (and I don't know how the hero managed to gain that invulnerability as well... oh, right. Liquid Metal Armor), but Angelo's a better candidate for it anyway. I'm thinking, now that his defense is so much higher, I might replace his Ruby of Protection with the Holy Talisman so that, no matter how many characters get Thwacked or KaThwacked, he'll survive to revive them. The hero's Zing has served surprisingly well recently, but its failure rate is nonzero, and that bothers me. I still need to get Yangus an axe, although the Megaton Hammer is stronger than either of its parts were. My problem, again, is that his Clubs skill isn't as high as Axes or Scythes, so he doesn't have as large a bonus with it. And I haven't seen it grant him any critical hits quite yet, but I usually stick with the Scythe and Steal Scythe. Further, the Metal King Boomerang is rather pathetic and probably a waste of a very powerful weapon, although I prefer the one I already had to the one that went into the pot. I'm now waiting to see what type of shield the Thanatos Shield turns into. Also working up to going to fight the boss, but the ordinary enemies around there are tough. If Angelo weren't constantly regaining MP thanks to the Happy Hat, I'd be in real trouble. I'm still missing 3 Mini-Medals, and there don't appear to be any more chests in towns or dungeons anywhere, so I guess it's time to start searching the world for the last few.

Today's Writing: "Well, you're right about one thing," said the blonde. "This is gonna be quick. Leeche, let's get her!"
"Right!" shouted the one in the robe, readying another explosive pouch.
The tommy gun fired rapidly as the pouch flew through the air, but Konoe stood her ground. She spun her mop, forming an impenetrable shield that deflected every bullet. The exploding pouch caught in the strings, and she sent it at the blonde with a quick flick of her wrists. Caught by surprise, the girl had no time to dodge before the pouch hit her in the chest and exploded.
"Triela!" shouted the girl with two guns as her comrade fell. She turned to Konoe with a snarl. "Now I'm really mad. Nobody blows up my friends and gets away with it!"
"I've got her, Mingchao!" said Leeche, throwing another pouch. It slipped from her fingers and landed at her feet. "Whoo-!"
As Leeche suffered the slings and explosions of her own ineptitude, Mingchao pressed her two guns together. "I'll show you the power of my twin guns!" She pressed the large orbs together and aimed the barrels at Konoe. "Gemini Bullet, go!" She only pulled one trigger, but bullets flew from both guns, streaking across the distance to Konoe.
Faster than the eye could see, Konoe dropped to the ground, out of the path of the Gemini Bullet. The projectiles continued on to the next target in their paths - Taeko's chest. The bullets slammed into her breasts with incredible force, pressing on them just a bit before bouncing harmlessly off.
"Ah knew it!" shouted Sasshi.
"THEY ARE NOT FAKE!" Taeko protested.

I don't really like the line about the bullets bouncing off Taeko's breasts, but I can't really think of how to improve it immediately. I'm picturing them being indented a bit, like in cartoons, where just about anything can assume rubberlike qualities in a collision. Every collision is elastic. How does one describe that in text? I'll be thinking about it, definitely. Not that pondering breasts is generally my cup of tea, but it won't be unpleasant.

So... wow. That's a lot of breasts in tonight's update. I'm surprised.
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