Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Amazing stories (that are news-y)

A full article about the lawyer job offer E-mail that's supposedly circulating. I don't get many E-mail forwards, and I'm thankful for that. But I think maybe the Internet would be a more civil business place if more correspondence got forwarded like this.

Suicidal high school teacher's body found by students. Guess he managed to make a mark on them. When will they learn that there are much better things to do with a teaching position, like allowing students to skip class for $1 per day and making a large profit? Stupid teachers... next, they'll be needing students to teach the teachers how to use a Playstation. But I'm highly in favor of video games in school, even if they are the educational kind. I loved Number Munchers, Word Munchers, and the less well-known Carpet Munchers, although that one wasn't quite educational and I don't think my parents ever knew I knew we had it. ^_~ Actually, I kid... the only dirty game I knew of was the original Leisure Suit Larry, and as I was very young at the time, I never did figure out the solution to a single puzzle.

I've reported on many stories about underaged drivers, but this one has to be a record. A two-year-old slips into the driver's seat of his mother's van and puts it in drive. Fortunately, it didn't get far, contrary to what Rugrats would have us believe babies are capable of doing. This is where I'd want to use one of cutest_sandgirl's Raven "WTF" icons. Only it's not there anymore. I miss that icon already. ;_;

Speaking of bad driving, drunk drivers in Taiwan now have the option of playing Mahjongg with the elderly instead of paying a fine. It's real community service, and might not be a bad idea for the U.S.. Think about it... the old lady who just turned her pung into a kong and gave you the sweetest smile could be in the car you hit next time you go on a bender. Would YOU still want to drink and drive? At least choose an alternate vehicle, since South Dakota just passed that law exempting horse and bike drivers from drunk driving laws. It also encourages drinkers to use non-gasoline-powered conveyances. Win-win.

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