Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

A quick newsreel, in textual formatting

Mom and daughter have babies 90 minutes apart. But before you go getting amazed at the incredible coincidence, they were both by C-section. So a little less interesting.

Thieves steal a high school girl's prosthetic legs... again. I hate hate crimes, not that this was necessarily a hate crime. Those legs were expensive. But what's their real market value? How exactly does one liquidate a prosthetic leg? And might it be sensibly hidden behind a sign that says "Do not open door & let anyone in! Stolen Stuff visable [sic]"? At least if she was at a different school, she might have gotten something from the junior who bought roses for every girl in his class. I thought about that, but stuck with a more small-scale operation.

Remember the Scorpion Queen and the Centipede King? I didn't think so. They got married. The amazing thing is that it was a group ceremony. There were six other couples who got married with them and then did the snoo-snoo in coffins. Isn't that romantic? *suppressed gag*

German man hands guns to a confessional priest. He then shoved a strange staff into a knothole in the wall and descended into a secret voodoo hounfour.

Sparks rain down on a fire chief at the witness stand. And it wasn't his own negligence trial, either.

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