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Today's Bridge: Twice in a row, I've been dealt out by the random cards. But we've added the obvious rule that if you get dealt out one day, you get a free ace the next day. I have a feeling I'll be getting a lot of free aces. I'm almost glad I didn't play today, though, because I saw some of the strangest distributions today... including a hand where Kelly ended up raising Steve to 6D even though she only had one, and he only had five... and Paul had five. Yet, as miraculous as it seems, the contract was entirely makeable. Steve won the first trick with his queen of hearts and ran the A-K-Q of trump, revealing the bad split. Paul, to his right, had the remaining J-6 of diamonds, Steve was holding S x-x H x-x-x D 10-7 C x-x, and Kelly had S A-K-Q-x-x H A-K C A-K left. It happens that the spades split 3-3, so Steve could have run the high spades, then used the remaining spades (and the hearts if necessary) to trump coup Paul. Basically, he runs high cards from the board, and when Paul trumps in with the 6, Steve covers and leads back to the board to continue the pattern. When Paul ruffs in with the jack, Steve tosses a loser, wins the return on the board (he has to), and continues. But the contract had a good chance even with a 4-2 spade split, as Steve just has to ruff a spade before starting the coup. Sure, there's a chance that Paul will ruff in on the one trick where Steve is forced to follow suit, but if he runs that trick first, before Paul gets to sluff many losers, the risk is minimized. Then Steve just has to leave one winner in each side suit so that when Paul ruffs in, he can win on the board rather than having to ruff. There were some high-profile, high-scoring doubled sets as well, mainly due to wild splits. Crazy day of cards, for sure.

Today's Work: We managed to replicate an actual problem with the data link, which required some careful timing to do and has undoubtedly always been a problem, since it was in a part of the code that we never touched (significantly) while doing the upgrade. The operator has less than a third of a second each 30 second period to screw this up, and it's easily remedied as long as they notice the problem. However, we (I) came up with two ways to fix in within a few hours, and I'm going to go with the one that's more complicated and requires a mutex, but prevents the problem entirely rather than merely fixing it shortly after it crops up. Either way would probably be acceptable, but this way is neater. I need to stick the mutex in there tomorrow. I also have another document to peer review. We're not getting much time on them, but this is a rapid delivery.

Today's DQ8: I discovered another cheese recipe completely on my own, although it's really nothing special. I also found a new orichalcum, so I felt no hesitation in constructing a new Meteorite Bracer which is now becoming a new sword. I'm saving up to buy a better weapon for Yangus than the one he has now, which claims to be the best axe, but will become an even better weapon later. I suppose it means that he'll eventually end up with an inferior axe, but if the Megaton Hammer is as good as I hope, I won't need one. I'll just need a ton more Clubs skill. That is, unless the blade they sell in Tryan Gully is actually an axe rather than a scythe. It's hard to tell. Those of you who follow the plot will know that I went and fought the boss, which was difficult but probably much easier than some of the earlier ones, given my preparation. I only used one Yggdrasil Leaf, because I didn't entirely trust Zing to work twice in a row. Then there was a succession of pushover battles on the way out of the area, and the good news is that world exploration continues. The bad news is that there are no obvious new areas as I was hoping. The merging of worlds was pretty lame so far. Where are new countries? Where's flight around the dark world map? (It might be possible... I just haven't trekked back there to try it out.) Where are the rest of my mini-medals? And what ingredients do I need for the rest of my random recipes?

hicat seems to enjoy watching Naruto at me over AIM. It's an experience you have to have to have.

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