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Today's Bridge: We came up with a new way of deciding which foursome gets to play when we have more than four people... we put the four aces in a pile along with spot cards and deal one to each person. The people with like-colored aces are partners, and spot cards sit out. I got the first spot card by the new method, so I got to watch an interesting rubber. Dan raised Paul's 2S opener to 4H and made it with an overtrick, and that was probably the high point even though that side lost.

Today's Car Noises: I think a belt is loose. I've been hearing it since Sunday, but whether it's because of something Jiffy Lube did, or it was a problem before and I've only noticed it since the oil change, or the fact that it started just then is a complete coincidence, I have no idea. I want to get it in for a repair, but Monday is a holiday, so I don't particularly want to take a short day only to have a free day less than a week later. I'll listen carefully on the way to work tomorrow and see if it sounds any worse. Either way, I'll call for the appointment tomorrow and ask whether (a) they have an opening before Monday (which they probably will) and (b) whether a loose belt would require more immediate attention than one week. If that's what it is. It could be that the belt tightener they just installed is loose or having problems. The good news is that I'm pretty sure it's not the exhaust again. It's a completely different sound.

Today's DQ8: I got to the end of the area I'm in, then Evaced because I didn't feel like fighting a boss after all that walking. And I wanted to recover the shield from my Alchemy Pot, which is indeed a very, very powerful shield. And apparently another Alchemy ingredient, which is slightly less than pleasing to see, because it's supposed to be the most powerful one. I don't want to give that up for anything other than a more powerful shield, unless it's better. I'm also now without a sword for the hero until what I can only hope is a better sword is complete. He'll be wielding the Hero Spear until that's done, and I'll probably go fight some Gold Golems for cash and Lesser Demons hoping to find another Devil's Tail. And at some point, I need to make a Sandstorm Spear, although I don't think I'll be keeping it. Or I might, if it turns out to be the missing ingredient for a ring of truth. That would be an expensive ring, given the ingredients, but I'd be able to make more of those Cla-whatchamacallit rings that protect from all sorts of statuses. Is that worth having Trode yell at me because I'm almost 100 hours into the game and still haven't beaten it yet? Yeah... I think so.

Today's Writing:

Three young girls leapt to the street and struck poses in front of the group. "We're the Loli Angels!" announced the dark-haired one in the middle as the wok strapped to her back settled into place.
"Dr. Kimura doesn't want you three getting too close to him," said the one with the long blonde ponytails as she set her violin case down beside her.
"So he sent us to protect his secret hideout," said the third, pulling her hood down to reveal a pair of spiraling tresses.
"It ain't very secret if y'all go blabbin' about it like that," Sasshi pointed out.
"We haven't told anyone but you three," said the blonde. "And we don't plan to let you live long enough to tell anyone else." She kicked the violin case open and snatched a tommy gun out of it.
"She's got a gun!" Taeko screamed.
The girl in the middle reached behind her back and pulled a pair of ornate pistols from beneath the wok.
"She's got two guns!" Taeko screamed.
The last girl pulled a tiny pouch out of her cloak and tossed it into the street, blowing up a parked car.
"She's got no guns!" Taeko screamed.

Brownie points to anyone who recognizes more than one of those girls. One is incredibly obvious if you know the series, and one should be easy enough to deduce. I doubt anyone will recognize the third from that tiny bit of description, but I suppose it might help to mention that two of them haven't been made into anime, and one of them isn't even technically manga because it's Korean. (There... that gives the last one away.)

I'm also trying to decide how kosher it would be to have them use the name "The H-Team" around the time most of their clothing is removed. Probably not at all, which would mean I'd definitely have to do it. It's a good thing I don't really believe in Hell, because I know I'd end up there for this scene.

So I'm writing again, and actually turning out material. That's good. You people out there on my friends list who are in rough situations (which is pretty much all of you at this point... it hasn't been a very good month for anyone, has it? Good thing it's the shortest), take heart. Even if what you do seems to suck, you're still doing something, and that's progress. Unfortunately, I tend to end with humor and don't want to seem like I'm making light of anyone's situation, so I'll post two reminders to myself for tomorrow: Post earlier so you can finish the Now and Then, Here and There DVD, and don't make a freaking sandwich for lunch when there's pizza in the fridge. Also, I don't care anymore whether I can understand what's going on in Trigun Maximum or not... it has mostly surpassed the anime by the inclusion of particular details, mainly related to Vash's backstory. I may sound like a traitor in the eyes of sarahtheboring for saying it, but I hope to mitigate that with my horrendous mixed metaphor.

Look over there! A distraction! *runs away*
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