Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Bridge: I screwed up a very makeable 3NT... I had 10-8 of diamonds facing the K-J-9-x-x-x-x, and Kelly, to my right, led her ace. When I got back to my hand, I played for the queen to drop rather than finessing Steve for it, which was the obvious play because Kelly never would have led the ace from A-Q. Duh. I was off one instead of making it with two overtricks. Fortunately, Mike didn't misplay either of his game hands.

Today's News Post: MIA, as many of you probably noticed. There was actually a lot of news, and I wrote up a nice long post about it, but for some reason, hitting the Preview button kills the version of Firefox on that computer, and I hit it by accident today. Not a problem... I just copy the text, close the program, open a new one, and paste. Today, for some reason, the paste failed, and my entire entry was gone. I didn't have the time or the motivation to reconstruct it.

Today's Work: We got the lab almost fully set up, except for our GPS device, which we're going to ignore for the moment because it will be way too much hassle to get it set up properly without so much as a window anywhere near us. So we started testing our latest build, and it looks good so far. I don't anticipate any problems getting it out the door in time.

Today's RPG Maker 3: I removed the hero's starting armor and tweaked the monsters all over again. I think they may be giving a bit more experience than necessary, but that's fine by me... I'd like the hero to level up quickly early on. The monsters in the frozen wilderness need to be much tougher, though. The problem is that even enemies in the back rank can't physically attack, so I need to have them beefed up with long-range attacks and skills. The Snow Siren has a skill to reduce the hero's defense, but she never used it during playtesting. I'll put her emphasis on skills and see how that goes. I also couldn't find the path to Frost Village, so I'll need to make that a bit wider. The path has tough enemies, but they don't pop up as often, and when I'm done, they'll be much weaker than the field enemies. I filled Frost Village with shops and plot-related buildings, and I'll put in a new one later. The mayor hands over the Winter Pass, but I'll need to add another event (or three) to make it function properly. I can't have a character directly check to see if the party has a treasure... I need an independent event to check the treasure and set a variable that the character can check. How stupid is that? Grrr... I might as well just set the variable during the event when the hero gets the pass in the first place. It's a waste of events to make one for every character who needs to check a treasure. Still, I'm looking forward to adding characters to the party and making the monsters and dungeons that much tougher. And I need to put more Save Points throughout. I hope 3000 events will be enough.

I finished the Arrested Development DVD in time to catch the finale, but didn't really pay complete attention to any of it. I'm not sure what I'll watch tomorrow, if anything. I might spend whatever time isn't devoted to the oil change, shopping, and egg salad to running all of my games through the new memory card to see which ones work and which ones don't. If DQ8 and the Dark Cloud games do, then that's about all I really need. Then I can finally try Jak X, and maybe go back to finish Xenosaga and FFX... and do something in FFX-2. Or maybe just beat Escape from Monkey Island again, now that I have space to keep the enormous save around.

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