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Today's Fluxx: Quite an even match. I believe we got through three hands, and each of us won one. I played stupidly and put down Play All when I had a goal that would give Kelly the victory. *headsmack*

Today's RPG Maker 3: I discovered that the placement of events governed by dungeon switches is an exact science, much like Feng Shui. I have no idea why my event didn't trigger until I turned it into a pile of gold that you check, but then I turned it back into an invisible spot that you touch, and it works fine. I'm working on the balance of monster strengths now, and it seems wrong to me that my weakest enemies have to have a Strength above 20 to be even a remote challenge. I think it's because I gave the hero some armor to start with... I may have to take that away and make him buy it in town. The idea is to make the player fight weak enemies in the forest a while to build up, then carefully follow the path (which is hard to see in the snow) to the town, where armor can be purchased so that fighting in the snowfields is possible. Then they can proceed to the pyramid, where the most difficult monsters I've created so far live, and flip the switches to make the statue come to life, so that it can be defeated and removed from the path to the staircase. It will all work out nicely, and that will only be the first of five areas to traverse.

Verizon is offering me a pink Bluetooth headset. Putting aside my horrible memories of Bluetooth... PINK? Hello? There's a reason I swapped my pink laundry hamper for a beige one after I returned from college. ... Well, there is. And I'm going to replace that pink towel, too. And so what if I use portraits of anime girls as icons? It doesn't mean anything, really!

I need to make a Louie icon.

So I started watching Now and Then, Here and There (or "Now, I Am There") last night, and it was quite unlike I expected. That's about the best I can describe it right now. For today's RPG Maker side viewing, I chose Arrested Development. When it was on Fox, I didn't really get into it because I still had the nagging sensation of having missed something by not watching it from the beginning, although I think I had watched the first episode and stopped halfway through. Now I know I didn't really miss anything, and it's only after having seen many episodes and pieced together the important characters from experience that I'm really enjoying the show. And it is a great show, given that. Several laugh out loud moments in just the first three episodes. Something similar has been happening when I actually watch episodes of Code Lyoko, which would disturb me, but I'd rather just try to enjoy the series despite having no real idea of what's going on. It can't hurt, and it's something other than DVDs to run against RPG Maker 3.

Someone at work has been borrowing Trigun, so I'm putting the rest of Trigun Maximum in my priority queue, interspersed with the Bleach and Zatch Bell books that were already there. I don't expect to get much out of them, but the whole point of him borrowing the books was to show him how difficult they are to read. I also gave him a description of Death Note, and he agreed that it sounded interesting. As expected from my favorite series, I'm sure. The way I've been feeling the past few days, I expect to get a lot of reading time... I blazed through most of Rurouni Kenshin book 15 today. Probably about time I take some meds and get to beds. Except for that desire to do some writing first...

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