Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

It's more news!

A car transporting fireworks for a Super Bowl party blows up a bit early. Darwin Honorable Mention followers take note... filling balloons with acetylene is a BAD idea. (I'm thinking of the Peasant's Quest preview video... "I said GOOD graphics! GOOD graphics!")

A charity suggests a romantic llama ride for Valentine's Day. Be sure not to bring acetylene balloons.

A child model show. Awwww... the little girl wants to grow up to be God. Don't worry... you've probably got a few more years before you're old enough to be brutally smitten for your hubris. You might even be able to read the Incarnations of Immortality series by then.

CPR saves a chicken in Arkadelphia. Arkadelphia... the city of brother-and-sisterly love? *ducks* No, seriously, I've got great friends in Arkansas. Love you guys.

I can't improve on this headline... "Teen Using Restroom Falls Out Bus Window".

The Lost Library Book of Florestica Rotorua has been found in a woman's attic. It was borrowed from a library 61 years ago, and incurred over $6,000 in late fees. Fortunately, the manager was willing to waive the charges because she can display the book as the longest-borrowed book in the library's history. Now, when someone comes forth next week with a 72-year-old book, this woman will have to pony up.

11-year-old burglar is off to an early start. Why, kid, why? You could have been a fashion model at your age!

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