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Today's Bridge: Bits of strangeness here and there, but I managed to make a very difficult 2D contract and Steve and I contrived to set a few contracts, but didn't double. I didn't want to give them any play hints when they bid 4H around my K-10-x-x.

Today's new anime: Grenadier 3 with collector's box, the rest of El-Hazard: The Wanderers, and the first DVD of Jungle ha Itsumo Hare Nochi Guu, with collector's box. Indeed, all three packages arrived today, although that counts one as having arrived on Friday and not been delivered until I went in to pick it up today. Now all I need is some Shojo Beat and I'm mostly caught up. Still haven't called Best Buy... I spent most of the work day doing a peer review.

I watched the rest of Red Dwarf season 7 straight up (well, the extended version of Duct Soup, but without commentary) and played more DQ8 through most of it, after a Lemon Chicken dinner that turned out surprisingly well (with orange Hawaiian Punch as the drink and pickles for afters... quite a citrusy dinner). I finally have the key that can unlock any door, and I know where I'm going to end up going, although I think I need to go there by a roundabout route because I'm not supposed to have found it yet. Or something. I know of at least one place that isn't marked on the map but has a locked door, and I'm Zooming from town to town hunting down all the treasures I've missed. Oh... I just remembered another place with a locked door and treasures that I can't Zoom to. Hooray for random memories. It all comes down to new items, new recipes, and an alchemy-based side quest that's making me kick myself for selling a few things that I couldn't perform further alchemy on. I knew it was a bad idea... but I did it anyway. Now we see the folly inherent in the system.

It was really windy today, although it was yesterday morning when a deer ran in front of my car and barely missed getting hit (although I think it was a lot closer for the car coming the other direction at the same time) and I forgot to write about it. I stopped at Wall Market after UPS, just because I was already off course (should that be "of course" to complete the FF7 reference?), but they didn't have RPG Maker 3 and ladyareia looked busy, so I didn't bother her. If I get to TH this weekend, I'll check the stores there. Whoever first supplies RPG Maker 3 also gets to sell me a USB keyboard and a new memory card. If it's not there, I'll hit up my favorite online retailers and see what they've got. Maybe I should do that first anyway.

I'm very torn between the Slayers DVD I already picked out and Guu for tonight's viewing, since I'm pretty sure I'll have time (it's only 10 and I'm already almost done the entry). I pulled Slayers because that's the entire reason I got the clunky yet cool speaker system, but the Guu DVD has only four episodes, and I really miss the opening theme.

Also, I've decided that despite all the comic relief in the game, the funniest line in DQ8 is the quiet "Cor blimey, grandma." I just thought I'd mention that, because it didn't hit me until a few minutes later why it was so funny, and I figure most people probably wouldn't care.

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