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I skipped Terre Haute today because my stomach was feeling funny most of the morning. By the time I felt up to making the trip, it was late and raining, so I switched my weekend days and did my food shopping and movie watching today. I saw American Wedding... freaking hilarious. This movie was a classic example of the comic style "It's All In The Delivery". The jokes were all predictable and not particularly funny, but the way they were presented just had me in stitches. And the overall quality of the jokes... let's just say that I hate gay jokes, without exception. I can find them funny in rare cases, but they offend me almost universally. Yet while about a third of this movie was chock full of gay jokes, I still found it humorous and, amazingly enough, not offensive. The jokes were not at the expense of gay people, but rather... well, how to describe it? They were just homosexual in a mostly non-stereotypical way, and the jokes were about that. Seriously, it's possible to be funny without offending anyone (at least, without offending me), and this movie managed to do it. I'm sure they managed to insult quite a number of other people, but I enjoyed it. And I'd expected to have a lousy time, but that had nothing to do with my enjoyment. I would know.

Still, the whole movie experience brought back my age-old dilemma, which I'll restate because I feel it needs restating after watching yet another movie about sex... I. Don't. Get. Sex. And by "get", I mean that I don't understand it, not that I don't perform it. That's also true, but not relevant, because I wouldn't care if I did. I didn't care when I was doing it, and I don't expect I'd start caring if I found a way to take it up again. What's the big deal? Why is it the focus of so much humor and so much angst? Why does everyone care so freaking much about it? And why are those who don't care called liars? Or maybe that's just me. The way the media plays it up, that wouldn't surprise me. I guess it's to my advantage socially... while many people seem to be willing to pay large amounts of money for stuff like beer, cigarettes, drugs, and porn, I reject all of those things and have little respect for anyone who uses any of them. And I don't have the same problems relating to women that the guys in movies seem to. Not only am I content to "just be friends", I actually prefer it that way. And you can believe that or not, as you choose.

Speaking of believing, I don't think anyone else is going to hazard a guess in the five statement thing from a while back. Nobody managed to get it right, and nobody got it on their second guess, either (I think). Most people guessed statement 1, the one about the salsa. Well, that's quite true, as odd as it may sound. I figured that would throw plenty of people. Just about everyone knew that the Saudi Arabia one was true, and only one person doubted that all of my stories have a common theme (go on, try to figure out what it is!). The one about the police coming to my house and me being in court was also entirely true, which leaves number 5, probably the most believable of the bunch. I did actually miss school for all of the things I listed, but my driver's test was in junior year, not senior, and I only missed half a day for that. I returned triumphantly and declared "J'ai passe mon permis de conduire!" because it was French class I was returning to. ^_^ I didn't miss a day of senior year, and I was proud of that because it was my first and last year ever of not missing a day. I'm sure I missed at least one class in each year of college, although freshman year may or may not be an exception. I really have a bad memory for stuff like that. So there's your answer. 5 was the lie. Thanks for playing, or not.

I finished the scene I excerpted yesterday, then decided to continue it directly by shifting focus from Ryoga and Akane to Ranma and Ukyo. Yes, there are a lot of understandings building up...

Minutes later, Ranma emerged quietly from the house and made his way to the bushes near the front gate, carrying a bundle of clothes. "Hey, Ukyo? Where'd you go?" he whispered.
"I'm over here, Ranma honey!" called Ukyo from the far end of the yard. She stepped into view wearing Ryoga's shirt and pants.
Ranma blinked. "Where did you get...? He was wearing...."
"Ryoga took off his clothes and threw them over here," replied Ukyo. "I figured it was better than nothing until you got back. It's freezing out here."
"Sorry I took so long," Ranma apologized. "There was some... stuff." He clenched his fists, scrunching the clothes into a ball. "I swear I'm going to kill that jerk for this, one of these days."

More C&Cing, more writing, and more anime... reminds me. I watched episode 12 of Fullmetal Panic this morning, and episode 11 of Brigadoon this afternoon. Both incredible, mainly due to their emotional impact, although the eventual handling of the Fullmetal episode was a bit disappointing. If you're going to kill off a character for emotional impact, it works much better if the character ACTUALLY DIES. Brigadoon is very rapidly drawing close to my top favorite series, and by the time it's over, it might well be right up there. Now, I need to watch Noir DVD 6 sometime before the final one arrives... which I'm told WILL be on Tuesday, in a way that leads me to believe it's actually true. We'll see.

I've already written my wedding vow. It's purely hypothetical, and has a lot of swearing in it. I don't plan to have to change it, but that possibility is always open. Also, I insult the bride mercilessly.
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