Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Bridge: Dead hands all around. We had nothing and the other side missed a slam and underbid a contract that was good for an absolute minimum 3NT. They made 5 because I lead about the worst card possible, although it only gave them a trick or two. Dan and I ended up with one hand where we had a bit of power, and when I didn't leave his 1NT response alone, he ended up in 4C with no hope of making it. I had the 3-2 of clubs, and Mike didn't have to try very hard to ruff higher than my hand could cover. I didn't even count how many tricks we were off, but no matter the contract, we were lost in diamonds, and amazingly, I don't think we had any trump fit either.

Today's Budoukai Tenkaichi: I've beaten all of the sidestory arcs I've unlocked so far (there are two yet to unlock, and maybe some hidden ones yet to find... the pause when Mr. Popo introduces the segment is highly suspicious) and hit the 80% mark in the Buu arc. There have been some tough battles, but as Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta, I just can't last against Kid Buu. I dread the battle when I have to beat the kid outright, probably specifically as regular Goku using the Spirit Bomb. At least that's a powerful move. Having to beat Super Buu with Super Saiyan Gotenks' Galactica Donuts took some manipulating.

Today's possible points of interest: In disturbing news, being annoying online under a fake identity is a federal crime. How they plan to catch the annoyances is anyone's guess. I suppose the easier it is to catch the crook, the less illegal their actions are. Thanks to a friend for warning us all about that... it's in a locked post there, so I won't mention who posted it.

I made my auto service appointment today, so I'll have the exhaust fixed during Monday's holiday. I also called the post office, and they don't know anything about my missing mail, but they left a note for the carrier to look at it. I'll give them a few days before contacting the companies that I know have mailed things to me. Fortunately, there are only two things I REALLY care about, that I know of, and possibly some Replay certificates that I'll eventually ask about. Shouldn't be hard. I'll call them in a month or two and ask if there are any old certificates that haven't been used, and if so, I'll ask to have them reissued.

Finally, I watched the last two episodes of Popotan last night. I saw the ending coming, but I still liked it. I got teary-eyed. Just a little! (I'm trying to remember where that expression was from... I want to say Super Mario RPG, but that doesn't sound quite right.) Good series all around, and I really wish I'd picked that instead of Milk-chan to watch while I was home. I bet people would have gotten interested even though it was well into the series. The 2K Bug episode of Super Milk-chan certainly wasn't the best for general audiences.

Homestar Runner seems to be dead in the water. The main page came up fine, and I can get to some of the older E-mails, but the latest one refuses to load. I'll leave it sitting for half an hour, and it never starts playing. Maybe I should have watched it this morning when I noticed it had finally updated. Maybe it's just too burdened from having so many new viewers after so many weeks of languishing.

And one last order of business before I sign off for the night: I'd like to welcome angle25 to Livejournal. She was a friend of a friend who became a Friend First Tier, and one of her closest friends will be moving away soon, so I suggested Livejournal as a way to keep in touch as well as to meet new friends and combat the likely loneliness. She hasn't done much with it yet, but I'm sure she'll pick up on it and start having fun before long. If anyone wants to check in on her and say hi once she does, I'm sure she won't mind.

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