Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Not quite why I'm so late to work today

Last night, Firefox died on me. I couldn't even start it in Safe Mode... it wouldn't even bring up a window. Normal mode brought up a window, but it never loaded a page and the only responsive part of it was the update extensions button. So, this morning, I started up Netscape to download the latest version of Firefox and installed over the old version. I've lost a few extensions I don't really care about, but now it seems to work. I may end up uninstalling Fasterfox anyway, because I'm pretty sure that's to blame.

Remember Blinky, the three-eyed fish in The Simpsons? Someone caught a rainbow trout with two mouths. Hopefully, he tastes better than Blinky did.

This cake is covered with diamonds and more expensive than the Volkswagen Bugatti Veyron. The Tokyo artisan who created it says it's edible except for the diamonds, which is obvious. What are the bets someone's going to eat one anyway? Or a thief will sneak in and chow down without realizing what he's eating until the diamonds come out again... ouch!

Ill. man claims to own one of Santa's reindeer, and he's telling the truth. Ill. for Illinois, of course... that caught me off guard the first few times I read it. Another guy in the area had had his name legally changed to Santa Claus, and when he died, one of his reindeer (that had been passed to someone else) came to the man in the headline who was not in fact ill (probably). Another guy calling himself Santa is giving people money to pay their parking tickets so it won't ruin their Christmas. I wouldn't be too surprised if that were the cop writing the tickets, actually.

By now, we've probably all heard the story about the alleged groper on the Japanese subway who died after running away and being accosted by four passengers. This mugger in South Africa got mauled by tigers in a zoo. He may have been drunk at the time.

A woman who's clearly insane and paranoid wants a restraining order against David Letterman. Why? Because she thinks he wants to maryr her and is speaking directly to her in code on the show. She uses what seem like Nostradamian manipulations to pull this result from absolutely nothing. She says he calls her "Oprah" and many other names. Good thing she wasn't a Conan O'Brien fan, or she'd have the nickname "Andy Richter".

The castle that inspired "Hamlet" is haunted. Methinks someone is trying to bring in more revenue.

A giant chunk of ice falls on a golf course near Tokyo. My guess is that water vapor in the air became so cold that it condensed into a solid, then fell. With high enough pressure and low enough temperature, it wouldn't even need to pass through the liquid phase first. There's no way to work "pass gas" into that sentence even if I wanted to.

A Trinidad judge grounds a boy for faking his own kidnapping. No spanking, and he gets to have supper before bed.

An Indiana judge rules that a chiropractor/veterinarian shouldn't be censured for practicing chiropractic on horses. She also gets to have supper before bed, but no word on whether anyone on the State Board of Chiropractic Examiners will be spanked.

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