Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

blitzcon has a birthday tomorrow. Hope it's a good one.

Today's Bridge: Kelly and I won pretty handily. We were playing against Steve and Raymond, and I screwed up on the last hand, but it all worked out. The best part was a 3NT hand where I thought we might even be off one, but we made 6 because of the very strange splits. Steve had no diamonds, and Raymond had no spades, so the finesses all worked by default.

Well, the PCR that we thought was so difficult that we got separate funding and scheduling for it... seems to be working. Not bad, when you consider that I only learned on Monday morning that I would need to do it. I still need to clean up the changes a bit, including backing out many that I don't think are needed, and there are more tests to run, and I'd really like to get rid of the damn pointer that they increment to get at elements in a structure rather than using variable names, but that's all just the usual rigors. The hard work, I believe, is done.

Blackadder Back and Forth was interesting enough. And there are demons in DQ8 with dice for faces that are really annoying. Most of the enemies in this area seem to be, but there are a few places left to investigate, and lots of trekking and leveling up remaining.

I could have gone to a concert at The Bluebird tonight, but I elected not to. I did stop at Wall Market to talk to ladyareia for a bit. I understood that swhitetiger614 was there as well, but I failed to bump into her. I could have walked right past her for all I know... I couldn't very well interrupt a conversation to ask if I knew any of those ladies from Livejournal, could I? Oh well. A bit more of The Devil Does Exist and then bedtime. I've got a weekend ahead of me, and since it's my last weekend before the trip, I'll need to take enjoying it very seriously.

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